9 Foolproof Gifting Ideas for Karva Chauth #giftmelorra

As cheesy as it might sound, with the festive (read: karva chauth) season in full swing, love will soon take the centre stage. And, so will the pressure to find that perfect gift for your S-O! But, don’t you worry. We’ve decoded the way to perfect (almost foolproof) gifting. For you can’t go wrong with jewellery as a gift now, can you?

Gifting Done Right

Having said this, we understand how tricky buying jewellery can get for the guy folks. Confusion about what will fit your lady love’s super trendy wardrobe and impeccable fashion taste can leave you in knots. This is where we come in! With a barrage of pocket-friendly real gold and diamond jewellery that is inspired by global fashion trendy, Melorra is your answer!

So, sit back, relax and scroll through the collections! You will, for sure, find a jewellery that will fit your taste, budget and occasion. Keeping it simple, sleek and letting her know that she’s your precious one, gentlemen, here are some foolproof suggestions that she’ll adore (and flaunt) right through this festive season!

Now that your gifting is sorted, here is a line-up of innovative ideas and suggestions! Try these to become the best husband/BF on the block. We are sure you’ll love those extra brownie points:

1. Cook it up!

Let the lustre of gold spark up her mood! And appetite. Make a home-cooked meal and surprise her with your culinary skills and finish with a dessert of gold!

Gold Necklace Melorra.com
Sparkle Startle Gold Necklace

2. A Bit of Bling

Diamonds will always remain a girls’ best friends, so it’s time you cash in on it! Without burning a hole in your pocket, pick up a twinkling piece that fits your better half’s subtle yet charming nature!

Dangle Triangle Bracelet

3. The ‘Forever’ Bouquet

Recover from last year’s gift of a flower bouquet, with a twist! Surprise her with a gold and enamel flower this time around, with a little hand-written note about the date night you’ve planned. Wouldn’t that be a surprise she’d love?

Bertyl Bloom Ring

4. Pick Up on Hints

Sometimes paying a little attention will give you a hint of what she wants! A woman will always drop clues and this could be your perfect opportunity to sweep her off of her feet! Even if it’s as small a thing as buying fruits.

Dangle Triangle Necklace

5. Whisk Her Away

There are promises and then there are promise rings. Organise a trip that you’ve been planning to take for some time, one that’ll let you spend some quality time together. A weekend getaway or a well sought-after break.

Dangle Triangle Ring

6. Match Her Style

When her wardrobe is contemporary, why buy jewellery that is either traditional or artificial? Gift her a trinket that gels well with all her personality and wardrobe preference! Whether it’s for her workwear or a movie night you have tickets to!

Boutonniere Bracelet

7. Pamper Her Silly!

Showering your lady love with attention never goes out of fashion, neither does Desserts! After she has fasted the entire day, make sure to treat her to her favourite desserts. After all, she fought the cravings all day long for your wellbeing.So, order her favourite piece of cake (or maybe 2) And, place the her jewellery gift as the icing on top! Chessy much? But, works like magic, we promise!

Wild Blue Yonder Ring

8. Make it Up:

Sometimes adorable, sometimes grumpy, your lady sure has her moods! Resolve those silly arguments while you talk things over – with a bottle of wine, music and humour. A flower made of gold can prove to be a good truce maker.

La Flor Necklace

9. Heart to Heart

It’s always great to share a thought from the heart, and even better when it’s a heart of gold! Share your appreciation for her or things that you love about her, with a special piece of your heart.

Smitten Kitten Bracelet

So, this Karva Chauth, gift her with these charming ornaments that would be fitting for this festive season as well as a token of your affection!

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Let us know if you require further assistance, our team of  jewellery experts will help you out! Ping us @ 080 33013252 or Whatsapp @+918880050505 and we’ll help you right away.

9 Foolproof Gifting Ideas for Karva Chauth #giftmelorra
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9 Foolproof Gifting Ideas for Karva Chauth #giftmelorra
9 Foolproof Gifting Ideas for Karva Chauth #giftmelorra
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