AW21/22: An Ode to Oshibana #Fashion

Flower’s have inspired fashion for centuries. Here’s taking a look at fashion’s love affair with Oshibana, the art of pressed flowers!

Oshibana is a technique of pressing flowers to create an aesthetically presented artwork. It’s an age-old art form originating from ancient Japan. Dating back to as far as the 16th Century! The craft required extreme finesse from artists and is known for its time-consuming creation. But it was definitely worth the time and effort as the result would be a remarkable portrait! Over time, through trade, the art ended up as a world-renowned art form!

Today, pressed flowers appear in acrylic products, stationery, decorations, home decor and even fashion! Flowers are probably any designer’s first and foremost inspiration. And Oshibana, too, is a topic behind unending creativity. From bags to shoes to jewellery to garments, pressed florals have blown away the designers’ minds for years!


Florals on fabrics are attributed mainly to East Asia. Exotic flowers from peonies to chrysanthemums were embroidered or painted to perfection on beautiful silks! Later, the Victorians, on the other hand, preferred their florals in lace. Another popular floral fabric came in the form of chintz in India. The hand-painted floral fabric would decorate the garbs of the day. Soon it was translated by the English into dresses and waistcoats.

Travelling through time, even today, flowers have a strong appeal when it comes to fashion! Orchids, daisies, dahlias, sunflowers, roses, hydrangeas and more inspire countless designers. And, of course, the reason for infinite creativity! Here are some Oshibana moments in fashion that have left a sweet scent behind!

The 60’s Flower Power Moment

Big on floral leggings and dresses, it was an era of freedom! Flowers, then, were synonymous with peace and harmony. It was a time for rebellion for the youth and designers, noticing that, hopped onto the train to create fashion reflecting these changing attitudes. People embraced the vibrant and beautiful colours of the flowers on their clothing!

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Oshibana bash
Twiggy, 1960s
Era of John Galliano at Dior

The ‘90s Galliano era of Dior was a fantasy in itself! He didn’t just show his dresses; he put on a complete show! Known for his creative vision and impeccable designs, Galliano’s version of Dior witnessed florals to a new level! Indeed a love affair with florals!

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Oshibana Galliano
Christian Dior, 2003
Taylor Swifts 2021 Grammy Look

Taylor made news this year for her wins at the 63rd Grammy Awards. But there’s another reason she was the talk of the town! Her Oscar de la Renta ensemble was blooming with vibrant flowers! She even paired it with a matching mask! Complete with a pressed floral look consisting of sunflowers and orchids, among many other florals, this look is one where she’s at her blossoming best!

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Oshibana Taylor
@oscardelarenta – Taylor Swift
Irina Shayk at the 2021 Met Gala

Another recent flower moment that displayed max power is Irina Shayk in her custom Moschino gown! Though Lili Reinhart also showed up in a somewhat matching ensemble, this gown had its own moment of glory. Complete with what looks like beaded flowers, it was a faux Oshibana look with a twist of sheer!

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@moschino – Irina Shayk

It’s safe to say that flowers do leave pleasant thoughts behind. Thoughts that bloom into fresh ideas! And these ideas have blossomed this season onto jewellery! From the sweet scent of roses to the dreamy drama of dahlias, the Flower Festival Collection is a perfect ode to pressed florals. With lovely cutwork on gold designs, the jewellery from the collection is what you need to make Autumn Winter ’21 flourish in delight!

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AW21/22: An Ode to Oshibana #Fashion
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AW21/22: An Ode to Oshibana #Fashion
Flower’s have inspired fashion for centuries. Here’s taking a look at fashion’s love affair with Oshibana, the art of pressed flowers!
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