AW21/22: Enchanted by the Fashion Fairytales #FashionMuse

Films plus Fairytales? A cauldron of fashion moments to mesmerize and leave us all enchanted!

The magic of fairytales is eternal. And Hollywood is familiar with that too. From drop-dead gorgeous sets to costumes that take our breath away, movies have glamorized fairytales with the exact amount of fairy dust to perfection! And some of these films are iconic for their ethereal charm and splendid fashion. So let’s take this time to gather around some of the films that had us enchanted by their fashion fairytales.


A tale that seemingly tells the “truth” behind sleeping beauty’s dark fairy, Angelina Jolie as Maleficent sure had us mesmerized. But another thing about the movie than the plot that caught everyone’s attention was the gorgeous costumes! From Arora’s dreamy dresses, especially the proposal dress with its hand-tied leaves that gave off a magical feel to the Queen’s surreal look, it was fashion not to miss.

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Maleficent (2014) Robert Stromberg. [Feature Film] Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
Enchant Me Aurora Studs
Mirror Mirror

It may not be one of the more popular versions of live-action fairytale movies, but mirror mirror strikes a chord nonetheless. With its exuberant costumes and plotline, it’s the kind of OTT to make a fairytale pop!

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Mirror Mirror (2012) Tarsem Singh. [Feature Film] 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Glass Slippers Bangle

A fresh take on the lines that blur fairytales and reality, enchanted, makes sure actually to leave the audience, well, enchanted! With its magic in the real world story, the costumes (that Giselle makes with the help of rats and pigeons because obviously reality doesn’t have mice and doves available in the wild) are captivating just as much. Especially the creampuff looking wedding gown in which she manages to hurtle through a tiny manhole.. fairytales imma right?

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Enchanted (2007) Kevin Lima. [Feature Film] Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
Own Your Fairytale Necklace
Alice in Wonderland

This whimsical fairytale has had many renditions throughout the decades. But perhaps the most popular version would be the Tim Burton direction with his signature dark twist. Even the costumes seemed to have a slight edge with their original look and feel. Fashion that definitely took us down the rabbit hole.

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Alice in Wonderland (2010) Tim Burton. [Feature Film] Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
Down The Rabbit Hole Ring
Black Swan

Possibly the darkest in the list (no pun intended), Black Swan is a psychedelic ride through and through. With costumes by the brilliant Rodarte, it has got the house’s signature touch of fairytale-chic vibe working in its favour.

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Black Swan (2011) Darren Aronofsky. [Feature Film] Fox Searchlight Pictures.
Belle of the Ball Studs

So if you’re feeling inspired by the fashion from these fairytale fantasy films, why not style your own fantasy? Check out the Fairytale Collection for all the major magical inspo for a look that leaves everyone spellbound.

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AW21/22: Enchanted by the Fashion Fairytales #FashionMuse
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AW21/22: Enchanted by the Fashion Fairytales #FashionMuse
Films plus Fairytales? A cauldron of fashion moments to mesmerize and leave us all enchanted!
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