Be a Man with a Plan this Valentine’s! #HeartSpecial

A trinket from here, a bottle of wine from there, Valentine’s has become predictable for us all! And isn’t it time to change, already? With gifts that last more than a day and surely more than the colour Red!

While Valentine’s day is a few more days to go, we women are surely hoping for a better one than last year’s and the year before that and the year before that… With flowers, teddy bears and a dinner date, it’ll just be any other day. But we don’t want it to just ‘get over with’! Instead of gifts that get thrown out eventually or are just kept in a corner gathering dust, is not something we look forward to. Cause ultimately, we too, will love a gift that we can use every day!

And that’s being super practical. Trinkets are boring, balloons are just plastic now and why cut flowers when you rather have a plant? Many arguments can be made Not in favour of the usual Valentine gifts. That’s why we are urging men to change the format! Maybe you get a plant instead of just a bunch of flowers or look beyond the colour red and add a different shade this year! In the end, all we women want is change. And if you’re really set to up your gifting game, you can go for gold jewellery too!

Up your Gifting Game!

We know, we know…Gold seems too serious, too boring and too expensive a choice. But we surely disagree with that – from all our heart! With affordable pricing and trendy designs, we at Melorra are changing the fine jewellery game for you, without emptying your pocket or making your budget bleed. So gift a heart with ease and let your love do all the talking! Here’s what we have in store for you:

So you can choose to gift her hearts this season! And in all colours and styles too. Whether its a print, texture, diamonds or the colour Black, there’s a heart for it all!

Meanwhile, if you’re still wondering what to gift, we, as women always tend to drop hints (sometimes subtle, sometimes, not so much) about the things we want. Maybe she pointed out that pair of shoes one fine day or declared one morning about the lack of drawers. It can be anything! You can always read those signs and get her something that she’ll love. While gaining some really Great brownie points.

So be a man with a plan this season and up your gifting game with Melorra!

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Be a Man with a Plan this Valentine's! #HeartSpecial
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Be a Man with a Plan this Valentine's! #HeartSpecial
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