Dancing To Y2K Fashion With Coyote Ugly #Fashion Muse

From leather vests to low slung belts and bootcut jeans, Coyote Ugly was the epitome of 2000s Grunge Aesthetics. Now that Y2K fashion is back, perhaps it’s time to revisit this vivacious movie from the noughties!

Low rise jeans, vests as shirts, chokers, animal print, Coyote Ugly, had it all! A movie about a young, fresh-faced girl shooting for her dreams had us all hypnotised. The film may not be one of the best, and the story definitely didn’t put women in a great spotlight. But one thing the movie did do great was its costumes! And now, in 2021, the 2000’s era-style has made a comeback. Not only are millennials embracing their teen fashion choices, but Gen Z is carrying the trend with absolute pride. So obviously, this month, the movie just HAD to be our fashion muse.

Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly (2000), Directed by David McNally. [Feature Film] Buena Vista Pictures
The story follows Violet, a stage shy young woman pursuing her dream of becoming a songwriter in New York City. She somehow ends up working at Coyote Ugly, a bar with bartenders dancing on tabletops, lip-sync to rock songs while pouring water on themselves, among other shenanigans. What ensues is a wild ride throughout the movie! Here she learns to let go and experiment. And try a bit of the bold side. For watchers, of course, that meant getting to see a whole lotta covetable costumes!

So in honour of this noughties classic, let’s take a look at Ten fashion moments from Coyote Ugly that would hit right today!

#1 Tight crop tops that are the perfect blend of messy and put together

We see a LOT of crop tops in this movie. Inspired by the grunge fashion trend, crop tops over low slung jeans and a display of belly buttons was the in thing. This bold trend has resurfaced today, and crop tops with band logos definitely hit home base!
Channel Coyote Ugly with: Grunge Unravelled Ring

The Grunge Unravelled Ring
#2 All things leather!

A staple in the ‘00s era, leather was chic, bold and fashionable! The movie had ample leather jackets to display, and even today, they are just as trendy.

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Chain Rebel Ring

Chain Rebel Ring
#3 Oh, the prints!

From animal prints to geometric, there are many clashing prints that the cast has channelled with fierce force! This geometric print on a tight crop top combined with a bit o’ fringe is cute yet laid back.

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Tessellate Tales Diamond Pendant

Tessellate Tales Diamond Pendant
#4 Vests and shirts

A common theme for all the Coyote Ugly girls was wearing vests as shirts. From glitter to print to cut out, it was a style worth the risk!

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Vest Dressed Bracelet

Vest Dressed Bracelet
#5 Body-hugging skirts

What is it about pencil skirts that makes us love them so? This body-hugging skirt slung oh so low on the waist is an excellent example of Y2K fashion’s chic n’ sexy style. Something that’s making the rounds in many fashionista’s closets these days as well!

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Skin Contours Necklace

Skin Contours Necklace
#6 All Black

A black crop top over skinny black jeans? Yes, please! Black has been a classic shade through centuries, but the noughties put their own spin on the colour. The look is subtle, yet it’s the right amount of bold to dance on top of a tabletop.

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Dark Leather Hoops

Dark Leather Hoops
#7 Low slung belts

Yep, belts are back! Loud belts that make a statement slung low on the hip to accentuate any ensemble for the Y2K effect a la Coyote Ugly for sure! Pair ‘em up with boot cut denims or skirts, and you’re good to go.

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Statement Cinch Bracelet

Statement Cinch Bracelet
#8 Dreamy Tops

The peasant top had its on-screen moment when Violet performed on stage with her guitar, looking like the rock n’ roll goddess she is! It’s an effortless look that’s peak grunge with messy hair, loose shirt and denims.

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Rock Rebel Pendant

Rock Rebel Pendant
#9 Check those Chokers

An infamous accessory trend that makes it’s round every few decades, the choker! 2000’s witnessed the choker necklace undergo a grunge design change and turn into an instant hit! And today, the same style is back with a bang! In leather, gemstones, metallic or plain black, the choker necklace is the hottest accessory to don this season!

Channel Coyote Ugly with: Feisty Forevers Necklace

Feisty Forevers Necklace
#10 A hint of disco

Though disco was more popular back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the ‘00s did have a bit of disco magic as well. Sequin or glitter looks were common, paired with crop tops and a bare torso for a rock and roll vibe, which Coyote Ugly made sure we knew!

Channel Coyote Ugly with: TGIF Fete Diamond Bangle

TGIF Fete Diamond Bangle

Did this noughties movie make you nostalgic for some grunge fashion, or did it give you some ‘00s style inspo? Whichever it might be, maybe not add a hint of gold to it and be Confident like the girls from Coyote Ugly!

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Dancing To Y2K Fashion With Coyote Ugly #Fashion Muse
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Dancing To Y2K Fashion With Coyote Ugly #Fashion Muse
From leather vests to low slung belts, Coyote Ugly was Grunge at its best. Now as Y2K fashion is back, it’s time to revisit this '00s movie!
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