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Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.

————-– Gianni Versace


The 1920’s were known as the flapper era of the women’s movement in western countries. It represented a transitionary period when women broke free from the traditional roles and began partaking in activities previously deemed as male-centric. This meant a departure from uncomfortable corsets and heavy garments towards lighter, more comfortable ones that allowed them to move around with ease.

This was also the time when elaborate and extravagant evening wear embellished with sequins, feathers, fringes, and boas became prevalent; embellishments that swayed with your every move, symbolizing liberation and freedom.

We owe it to the “flappers” for today’s sequin ensembles, vivacious feather trims, or tinsel fringe trend.

Inspired from this 1920’s trend of fringes, feathers and other elements with a mind of their own, Melorra brings you Go With The Flow Collection. Your party look this season is about to get “lit” with our latest designs.

Designer’s Exhibit

The Autumn/Winter 22 runways were beaming with these fragments of 1920’s and ‘50s trends that called attention to movement.

While Givenchy went for pearl beaded tassels, Louis Vuitton embraced the trend with looped leather fringes.

Halpern brought grandeur to the ramps with brick fringing and cascading ruffles. While Alexander McQueen, Christain Wynant and Rodarte chose to flaunt knitted fringes. Bronx and Banco took it up a notch with undaunted feather trims, ruffled sleeves and fluffy feather boas.

In his premier collection for the label, Matthieu Blazys attempted to define and reclaim Bottega Veneta as “craft in motion” with leather skirts and dresses with fringes that graced the ankles.









From Katrina Kaif to Kim Kardasian, Dua Lipa to Ananya Pandey, both Gen-z and millennials have flaunted this look on various occasions. From casual to party wear, fringes, capes, and ruffles have been omnipresent.

Go With The Flow Collection

We know you work hard, so as you unwind and party hard, make heads turn with our uninhibited, swaggering, light-weight jewellery collection. These are the upcoming party essentials for your jewellery box. Inspired by the extravagance of the 1920’s, they offer the perfect blend of elegance and style. It is carefully designed with motifs to capture the dynamic energy of fringes, ruffles, and much more.

Here are a few pieces from this dynamic collection.

Move Lik A Swagger Necklace



Do you prefer the monochrome look when it comes to evening wear? Well, then this is the piece for you. This beautiful necklace in high polish yellow gold features a cable chain with virtual movement-inspired spoke designs at the center, and another spoke design hanging motif. It pairs perfectly with all your  monochrome outfits whether you sway towards green, pink or black themes.

See Me Sway Drop Earrings



Danglers are the perfect way to breathe some life into your LBDs. These beautiful dangler earrings in high polish yellow gold are designed with multiple stripe motifs forming a wave design inspired by virtual movement.

Jiggle Wiggle Pendant



Pair this pendant while you shine brighter than the club lights in your shimmer/sequin top This pendant in high polish yellow gold is designed in a curved motif and attached to bail.

Movement Manifold Bracelet 



This high polish yellow gold bracelet is designed in double cable chains with alternating chain and arc motifs and a spiral motif with multiple stripe designs at the center. The product has an S hook for fastening.

Art N Motion Ring



Gorgeous gold ring featuring multiple stripe motifs gives a pointed look inspired by virtual movement. The product in high polish yellow gold gives a lustrous look. A satin finish blazer and lacy crop top paired with this ring are like that delicious cocktail that keeps you wanting more!

So get on board the party train with our Go With The Flow Collection. Stay on trend with easy to wear jewellery from Melorra while you paint the town red!

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