5 Modern Gold Bangle Designs to Add to Your Everyday Look! #StyleGuide

A tradition is kept alive only by something being added to it.

————Henry James

“Passed down as family heirlooms to welcome a new bride, as a transitional accessory for the adolescent girl into womanhood, as little round halos serenading delicate wrists amidst the celebrations of the newborn, Gold bangles are the quintessential Indian jewellery. We often find them marking many memorable moments in a woman’s life.

Melorra’s Gold bangles go a step further; they mirror the longstanding tradition of marking momentous occasions with a special something.

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Bangle Up for Tradition

We may not always follow the traditions set forth for us, but we can surely create our own ones. A constantly evolving lifestyle often beckons new customs, rituals, and traditions. Graduations, first job, anniversaries, promotions, or “just ’cause,” gold bangles can be your companion through it all.

Mark your milestones every day with modern gold bangles from Melorra. With our trend-inspired light weight jewellery, it will make you want to celebrate every day with modern designs that can add some flair to your everyday outfits.

Celebs Corner

Gold bangles are not just an Indian phenomenon; they have captured the hearts of the east and west alike. From making an appearance on the most coveted ramps in the world to the wrists of social media stars, it is basking in the glory of the season’s hot trends!

Check out our five top picks of gold bangles for your everyday look!

Take My Heart Bangles

A pair of high-polished yellow gold bangles with multiple floral motifs and four heart-shaped petals. This is a simple everyday bangle that effortlessly blends with a myriad of outfits. Stack them with your other bangles, mixed metals or even a gold-plated watch. Pair them with baggy denims, a white shirt or any crew neck t-shirt, and comfortable shoes for a laid-back chic look.

Teen Spirit Gold Bangle

Sport this design to boost your free-spirited, fun-loving side. A versatile piece that can be styled with dresses, denim, skirts, and more. Add on some gold hoops and the teen spirit gold bangle and you have the season’s ideal everyday look. This is an open-top bangle in 22 karat yellow gold with two curved motifs facing in opposite directions in the centre.

Grid Rule Gold Bangles 

Not everyday is the same, some are good, some are bad. While some days we like the humble, some days we need a lil bit of opulence. Grid rule gold bangle for those days you feel posh. This is a high polish yellow gold bangle with multiple V shaped block patterns set alternatively opposite to each other on double loops. Each motif has peach and pink enamel work on it. Colour block it with a monochrome outfit or get the dopamine rush with a splash of hues in your outfits. 

Fring Freedom Gold Bangles

Inspired by the swaying fringes on the runway, the Fringe Freedom bangle garners simplicity with just a touch of whimsy. The dangling gold fringes will remind you of the sweet jingle of the charms from your teen trinkets. Style this bangle with printed maxi dresses, mini skirts, and oversized shirts. This is a high-polished yellow gold bangle with multiple upward-facing crescent motifs and multiple dangling triangular nuggets linked at each node across the loop.

Spirit of Hope Gold Bangle 

Carry your affirmations with you as you go. Get your daily dose of motivation with the “Spirit of Hope” gold bangle. Hope is what keeps most of us going forward. It helps us take a stand and even voice our opinions. This is a high-polished yellow gold bangle with two oval motifs with cutwork that spells “Hope” placed at the opposite ends of the loop. Affirmation bangles serve a dual purpose of fashion and inspiration. They can be worn every day and gel perfectly well with all outfits.

Not All Traditions are Boring!

Definitely not this one! Gold is ruling the world, and gold bangles are ruling our hearts at the moment. It has come a long way from conventional designs to modern and chic.

So, embrace tradition with a twist. We have a range of gold bangles that are carefully crafted to suit modern-day needs. Bangles that make your everyday outfits beam and gleam!

Don’t lose out on an opportunity to let your wrists sway in style!

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