Foolproof Guide on How to Uplift Your Gifting Game! #Gifting

We can’t say it enough – no more roses and teddy bears for Valentine’s!

Valentine’s day has brought us the same old gifts that, majority of the time, have been picked up at the last minute. And more often than not, not exactly what we were expecting. Sometimes all the day holds is a box of chocolates and ordering in. It’s not a bad deal, but I mean, there has to be something more, Sometimes right? Instead of it feeling like any other date night (or just a night), we want to see the love, romance and whatnots with just a touch of extravagance. Once in a while, it’s not a bad deal to have.

But it’s not an easy task to know what women want. People have written books about it and ultimately failed, so it’s not entirely anyone’s fault. However, to make things easier for you and to give you a little insight into what women Actually want, we have a list of things you can do to get your loved one the gifts they want! Here are 5 ways to read what she wants:

#1. The thing she loves to don

Women always have one thing that they love to wear before they step out the door. Whether it’s a favourite gold bracelet or a chain or maybe a watch, there’s always one. So notice the kind of accessories she likes to wear, perhaps she has a habit of playing with those lariat necklaces or one of those floral studs that she always pairs with her work clothing. You can easily pick up one of these accessories as an option for her! Whether it’s work, casuals or party wear, there are jewellery options for all nowadays.

#2. The one add-on she can’t have enough of

While she’s out or away from the dressing table, take a peek into what lies there. Even though it might look like a Pandora box, there are still some things you can jot down. Maybe there’s a jewellery case with a couple of gold earrings or perhaps a couple of long chains that she always seems to wear. And if you think there’s already too many of one accessory, trust us, there’s still room for more! So all you need to do is, pick one of these categories and choose a different design! And you’re good to go!

#3. Wardrobe re-con

A wardrobe can tell you a lot about what she likes. So peek into her closet and do a little re-con at her clothing choices. Does she have a lot of flowy dresses? Or maybe several knits or casual wear. Every kind of clothing comes up with a different set of accessory for us. Cause, after all, it’s about styling, and we don’t take that lightly. So if she has a lot of pantsuits for work, you can add on some simple yet stylish jewellery options like a pair of studs or gold pendants. If she’s into a casual dressing, add on some bracelets or stack rings options. For party outfits, you can choose shoulder-duster earrings like these or even necklaces. The takeaway? Her wardrobe will tell you what to go for!

#4. Check the screenshots she sent

Yes, it’s true. We do send out a lot of screenshots about what we love. There are times when you’re at work or maybe just watching tv, and there’s a screenshot sent out, that’s the thing she likes and has sent it as a reminder for her or a hint to you. Take it either way, and there’s the Valentine gift you’ve been looking for! or if not the exact thing, you get the gist of what she’s looking at, which is an excellent way to start! So men, check your phone!

#5. Ask the Bestie

If all else fails, the last option is to ask her BFF, cause she knows exactly what your bae wants. Trust us, there’s a girl bond utterly related to the type of clothes, accessories and things we find cute. And this is no secret, but still quite hush-hush. So, get in touch with her, and you’ll know what she wants! 

And lastly, if you still aren’t sure about what to pick, we suggest that you keep a few things shortlisted, (so that she knows you tried) and ask her directly. That’s undoubtedly better than coming up with a gift that she didn’t really need and gets to a win-win situation. 

So men, get ready with your notes list and uplift your gifting game this season! 

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Foolproof Guide on How to Uplift Your Gifting Game! #Gifting
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