Look Beyond Red – Show Off Your Love in Colours! #Valentine

Valentine’s Day since forever has been related to the colour red. From red balloons, cake frosting, to even the clothing you wear, there’s red all across. But we have a question – Why?!

Red denotes the colour of love and all things romantic from age-old times. However, with the changing lifestyle and the needs of today’s woman, there’s a need for more than the colour and we totally get that! We’re tired of the colour red and what something different that not only suits our personality, but also our lifestyle. Now we must say that that’s not an irrational thing to ask!

With every woman being different, there’s a whole area of Valentine’s that we don’t look at. Why can’t blue be her colour? Or maybe a green one cause she loves Billie Eilish?! There are a plethora of shades to choose from but on Valentine’s day, it all comes down to red. and we believe in changing just that. With our new addition to hearts, this Valentine celebrate the woman in your life in Her colours! Whether’s it a sunflower yellow or a sunset orange one, there are shades to choose from like never before!

Check out our new colour additions to hearts for your Valentine:

So since you now have a heart in every colour, go ahead and choose the one that matches your bae the most! From a print lover to a neon one, there’s a colour for all! Take your pick and this Valentine, show off your love in all colours!

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