Dress Your Best This Valentine’s Date! #fashion

It’s the month of love, hearts and all things mushy, and we can’t wait to celebrate! We’re all looking for that perfect attire to highlight, whether it’s for a big dinner date, a night of romance, or a cozy movie night.

No matter what the plan is, we’re sure you’re looking for a special outfit to celebrate the day. Maybe you’re trying out a new edgy look or one that flaunts your feminine side. Either way, there’s going to be a perfect outfit and accessories that go with it too! After all, it’s a date night. And we’re here to help you out with our clothes accessory guide!

Jotting down some pairing options for your Valentine’s Day celebration, here’s what we are suggesting. And with accessory options in fine jewellery, there’s a whole range of gold, gemstones, enamel and diamond accessories that would be perfect for your D-day and even beyond. Now isn’t that versatility?

Evening Out

Whether it’s a social gathering or a plan for just the two of you, there’s certainly an elegant look required. You can choose to create an experimental yet edgy look with neon tones or boxy shoulder outfits. You can also pick out a lace dress if you’re up for an evening of dance or go with a spaghetti top – flared skirt – boots pairing as your quintessential outfit. Let your accessories stand out rather than blending in by adding on a chic gold bracelet, a single pendant or a pair of gold danglers. A contrast that’ll call for attention, it’ll be a subtle yet outstanding night.

Roses of Love Gold Danglers
Gold jewellery
Love Shackles Gold Bracelet

The Movie Night

A cas-cool kinda plan, you can choose to go for a denim-on-denim look or pick out a tee-jeans-jacket combination that never goes out of style. Pair it up with a bright pair of hoops or sleek gold studs as ear accessory, and you’ll be the image of all things Classic! You can choose to add a little colour block with enamel jewellery or pick up an alphabet inspired ornament, there are plenty of options! You can also choose to stack with gold rings or add on a single fashion chain for a retro denim vibe.

Vision in Pink Gold Hoops
Plaid of Hearts Diamond Studs

The Dinner Night

Now here’s a plan that’s all about a candle-light dinner and a romance filled night. So it’s definitely time to be ready for this evening! Pick up a black or navy blue LBD and couple it with stilettos or boots, and you’ll be prepared to step out. You can also choose to wear that sequin skirt you’ve been waiting to take out and combine it with a halter top and jacket for a chic ensemble. Add on some edgy jewellery for your attire by picking up shoulder-duster earrings or create a necklace-earring combo that’ll complement your night of ardour.

Stone Slay shoulder dusters
Lace Replay Diamond Necklace

Coffee Date Shenanigans

For those who prefer coffee and talks over a movie or dinner, there’s definitely room to be quirky. After all the dressing up and hours spent on deciding what to wear, a coffee date will be the fun and comfy thing on your list of things to do. So pair up your denim with casual shoes and a tee or spaghetti top, and you’ll be ready to go. Or you can also choose to wear a flowy dress or culottes with a spaghetti top and shrug for that breezy look. While casual cool and comfy is the mantra, accessorise minimally. You can pick up a subtle gold or gemstone necklace or a bold and stylish wide ring that’ll stand out.

Jive in Jeans Necklace
Knit Lit Ring

So follow these tips to pick up your clothing as well as accessories that’ll be perfect for the occasion. It’s all about being stylish, experimental and chic after all! Whether your Valentine’s a fancy dinner or a comfy coffee and chats, show off your best look with a twist and some fine jewellery!

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Dress Your Best This Valentine's Date! #fashion
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Dress Your Best This Valentine's Date! #fashion
Dress Your Best This Valentine's Date! #fashion
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