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“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” – Elizabeth Taylor

Bangles have been the quintessential Indian accessory since time immemorial. Wedding season or other celebrations would be incomplete without them serenading our wrists. And there’s no better way to add some glam to the occasions coming our way!

Traditional designs often fail to do justice to this piece of jewellery. Modern versions of bangles come in various shapes, silhouettes, and materials. So embark on a journey with Melorra and learn the true potential of gold bangles. They are versatile, comfortable, and a must-have accessory.




Gold Jewellery is Blazing The Runways

The runways were set ablaze with the more is more trend, from chunky bangles, sculptural earrings and statement rings inspired by the flapper era, reinterpreted punk and the Y2K trend.

The designers brought an air of nostalgia with 80’s inspired bangles. Oversized bangle bracelets, cuff bangles, and mixed stacks were some of the most widely sported accessories across all ramps alike. Some interesting styles to note were the arm cuffs, clear colorful acrylic bangles and playful beaded jewellery.


Put Your Glam Side On

Get your wedding season glam on with global-trend inspired fine jewellery from Melorra. We have in store for your gold bangles that will steal your heart in no time!

Take a sneak peek into four types of bangles that’ll match any outfit.


  • Cuff Bangles

A sturdier and modern version of the cylindrical or round bangles with a sturdier structure. Inspired from the wrist armours worn by valiant soldiers in the battle field, cuff bangles are the perfect way to make a statement with your jewellery.

Micro Stripes Diamond Bangle


Pair the Micro stripes diamond bangle with contemporary indian outfits or western wear to slay the day! Go bold with this cuff bangle, style it with caped shararas, dhoti-kurta or ethnic jumpsuits. Bring the look together with a delicate half bun, a pair of studs or a choker necklace. This bangle features a double bar cuff with two strips in the center. One strip is embellished with fine pave set diamonds while the other has a peppy peach enamel coating.


  • Open Top Bangle

These bangles are sleek, trendy versions of traditional bangles with a gap at the top side. The open top allows for a snugger fit and ease of wear. If you love to keep it simple and elegant, then this style of bangle is the perfect choice!

Swan Spark Diamond Gold Bangle


A high polish yellow gold open-top bangle with two swan head motifs facing each other. The motifs are adorned with surface prong set diamonds on rhodium plated surface. Go the minimalists way and pair it with tunic tops and fitted pants. Complete the look with drop earrings and gold pendant. Take it up a notch by styling the bangle with floor sweeping flared kurtas or gowns.


  • Oval Bangle

Sometimes called egg shaped bangles for their appearance, these bangles exude the beauty of asymmetry. Unlike other bangles, these sit much closer to the wrist and do not move around or spin as much in comparison. The oval bangles are yet another trendy version that can be easily switched between everyday and occasion wear.

Move Like Swagger Gold Bangle


Put some bling into your celebrations with this gold bangle. Brighten up a traditional salwar suit or embroidered co-ord sets with the Move Like Swagger Gold Bangle. This is a high polish yellow gold bangle with a spiral motif that replicates a confetti at the center.


  • Round Bangle

These are by far the most popular and recognised type of bangle. They are often chosen over other styles as it pairs well with a wide range of outfits and occasions.

CatWalk Gold Bangle


Special occasions call for some opulence, step into the gaiety of the holiday season with this piece. Style the Cat Walk Gold Bangle with your favorite evening wear gown or add some glitz to the six yards of draped elegance. Go all out for the wedding party night with a layered necklace and dangler earrings. A trendy take on the traditional round bangle, this has two wave-like cylindrical bands intersecting at intervals, which are filled with stripe motifs.

Indulge in the celebration spirit with these trendy pieces from our collection. Don’t bargain on your style and look your best this season. Whether you like to be the ‘desi girl’ or the ‘fashion diva’ Melorra has something in store for you for every style you’d like to flaunt.

Check out our entire range of lightweight and gold bangles inspired by global fashion trends.

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