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It’s The Bangle Fest! Jewellery of the Week #bestsellers

An ornament that has been a part of the Indian culture since 2600 BC, the earliest excavations from Mohenjo-Daro revealed this fine jewellery. Initially created from copper, bronze, glass and even gold, bangles slowly became a part of the Indian ensemble. And as they say, the rest is history! Gold and diamond bangles which were initially known to be a part of the conventional occasions, have finally broken out of that myth and sneaked into the western world as well as their wardrobe! Gone are the days when gold bangles were only for special occasions and kept safely in the lockers for months at a point. As women and their lifestyle evolved, bangles became an accessory in the modern woman’s wardrobe. When clothing fashion changes every few months, why stay behind with your jewellery? And we at Melorra, are true believers of this concept! Besides choosing fashion trends to create…