10 Solitaires for your Proposal! #MakeItAMilestone

When you’ve found The One, get ready to make it a milestone! From the weather to the balloons, your proposal has to be perfect…and we have the one thing you need – Solitaires!

As the saying goes… Love makes the world go around. And so it does! When you’re all set to start a new journey and begin a new life with your better half, the occasion calls for some unique additions. We know we know, it’s essential to say the right thing and plan the perfect way to pop the question..but with that, you need the right ring for her too! Whether she loves all things minimal or one in a million kind, she stands out and her ring should also, shouldn’t it?

So for this very reason, we’re here to help! From the room setting, the music to her favourite place, plan your proposal to the T, and with your proposal, we have the Solitaire for an ideal match! It’s a mark of a special day, so make it a milestone! And that too, with a budget one. Gone are the days of saving up for a solitaire, ’cause, we’re all about living in the moment right? So we believe that a solitaire should fit in that too! Hence, we’re here with some options that will meet all your budget categories, no matter the amount!

Here are 10 solitaires to fall in love with:

Apparently, the idea of engagement rings started with the Ancient Egyptians. They believed that the finger where this jewel was to be worn had a vein connected straight to the heart.

Rings have been a long-standing symbol of union and commitment which can be traced back to pre-history. Cavemen would create chords of braided grass to tie around the waist, wrists and ankles of their chosen mates.

Many believe the first-ever recorded diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. The ring was set with flat, thin diamonds in the shape of an ‘M’.

If you were proposed to in the Victorian era, you were most likely to receive a snake ring. As they symbolised eternity.

Meanwhile, as you cross all your Ts and dot all the Is, don’t forget to add a solitaire. Make it a milestone and shower your bae with love and diamonds too!

Check out our Solitaire collection here!

If you have any queries about ring sizes or customization, you can reach out to our customer care via call or whatsapp @ +91 7829000052 and we’ll help you in getting the solitaire of her dreams!

10 Solitaires for your Proposal! #MakeItAMilestone
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10 Solitaires for your Proposal! #MakeItAMilestone
When you've found The One, get ready to make it a milestone! From the weather to the balloons, your proposal has to be perfect...and we have the one thing you need - Solitaires!
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