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“Fashion is more art than art is “

Every season brings with it a few elements of a trend that consumes the fashion world and everyone that it engulfs. While the spring season wound up leaving us to fish out some Victorian glove sleeves, the fall season is here to make us all take a “bow”!

Yes, it’s time to greet a much favoured accessory from our teenage and adolescent years. One of the oldest western fashion trends that became a common sight even in the remote places of our country. The quintessential red ribbon bows on pigtails and the ‘90’s fluffy stitched bows serenade ponytails.

But this time around these bows will not be reserved just for the giggly school girls and will not be contained on our hair and clothing.

Inspired by this blast from the past seen on runways, Melorra brings you The Bows Collection, a range of everyday fine jewellery perfect for workwear.


Old World Femininity Trend: Designer’s Exhibit

The Autumn Winter ‘22 witnessed an array of designers interpreting the old word femininity in modern times. Many striking elements including the classic feminine bow made an appearance. 

Pierpaolo Piccioli added texture and detail to the Monotone Valentino collection with small flat bows on cutout ensembles while Ralphlauren threw a feminine spin on traditional bow ties.

Carolina Herera’s upbeat and playful designs were adorned by a variety of bows; ranging from thin and flat to draped to extravagant ones, with few designs showcasing embroidered and applique bow motifs as well. 

Jill Sander’s interpretation of the modern mature woman featured Thick flat rectangular bows at the waists and shoulders of sculpted silhouettes. Meanwhile, Brandon Maxwell paid homage to  his deceased grandmother with delicate fabric bow belts with short loops and long tails.


Celebs Bowing Away!

The bow seemed to have charmed its way into the wardrobes of celebrities all around the globe. From casual to red carpet it has made an appearance at every occasion. Be it the pretty white bow on Sara Ali khan’s black number from Koffee with Karan or the adorable flat bows on Dua Lipa’s cutout ensemble, we are totally on board with this trend!

While Lily Collins, Olivia Rodrigo and Tamannaah went with oversized bows for the red carpet, Zendaya and Diana Penty rocked the casual look!

The Bows Collection

This collection features the adoption of the vintage trend taking new life on the ramps this season. It showcases a dynamic collection of lightweight jewellery for the vehement, resilient modern woman. Inspired by the old word charm, but crafted with special attention to the needs of the present day women. These designs are your perfect choice to pair with your office wear to create a lasting impression. 

Bow Dreams Diamond Ring

A great way to style your work outfit the no hassle way is to add a distinct piece of jewellery. Sometimes less is more when all you want to do is get the job done! Pair this ring with all your workwear, along with some studs.

Put A Bow On Bracelet

Often overlooked as a workwear accessory, bracelets can add just the right amount of sass to your outfits. Style this bracelet with your business casuals, or with jackets.

Bow Down Earrings

Whether it’s your first day at work, or first promotion or maybe you’ve landed that dream role, no matter what milestone, make a mark with these earrings. Versatile and simple, this earring will become your go-to piece of jewellery in no time. 

Take A Bow Pendant

Pendant necklaces are the personification of professional elegance. Easy to wear and light on your pockets, this pendant is perfect to style your collared shirts, turtle necks and even formal dresses. Stack a few rings, add on drop earrings and get an insta-worthy work style!

Bow Charm Bangle

This season is all about the old world charm and femininity and what’s more graceful than gold bangles. Pair this delicate-yet-bold design with both western and Indian formal wear.

Rockabow Necklace

It’s an extra special day at work and you need something that exudes confidence with style. Go for the bold look with this gold necklace, brazen with a tinge of feminine vibe. Pair this piece with a power suit, or scoop necked blouses coupled and formal pants.

So, go on, get yourself a bow too, not just any bow, but a gold one in the form of your favourite accessory. Melorra’s everyday fine jewellery is an imprint of the season’s latest trends.

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