Here’s a List of Top 5 Gold Bracelets to Flaunt Your Work Look!

Good memories are like charms…each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long, colourful bracelet.

-James Patterson

A walk down memory lane would have you reliving the precious days of sporting matching braided bracelets with your BFF. The times you spent counting or collecting charms on your friendship band! The sweet smell of tasty, colourful candy beads clinging around your wrist!

Fast forward to the present day, where we still flaunt them, yet with a varied purpose and in different avatars. While wonder woman wears her bracelets to fend off bullets and swords, we wear them to fend off bad days and frumpy looks!

Bracelets are a great way to rev up your office look. Be it pants suits, dresses or formal wear, this piece of jewellery blends right in.

Bracelets have been a classic fashion accessory since time immemorial. But that was not always the case. While the Greeks wore leather bracelets as part of their armour, the Egyptians wore gold/copper ones embellished with gems to indicate their social status. The Chinese made Jade bracelets a part of their culture as they believed they could ward off evil and heal the body and spirit.

Whether it’s nostalgia, trend, or culture that beckons you to them, Melorra’s collection of gold bracelets for daily wear will meet all your needs. Simple and elegant lightweight jewellery is ideal to pair with your work wear. 

What’s Buzzing On The Runways!

With Y2K fashion taking the forefront among the global fashion trends, bracelets have made a bold comeback. This quintessential accessory will soon be the must-have piece in your jewellery box. The fall trend reports showcase link chains, bold colours and fringe-inspired jewellery. 

The runways beamed with bold unapologetic accessories such as the oversized link chains by the likes of Valentino and Hermes. The regency trend of beautiful gems crusted jewellery ranged from necklaces to tiaras. The Y2K inspired trends of multicolour beaded jewellery, pearls, and more.

We know that you like to keep pace with changing trends in fashion. This July, with our trend-inspired jewellery, you never have to worry about falling behind. 

Here are our top picks that will up the style quotient in your work wear. Go from boring to daring as you slap on this fashionable jewellery!

Fringe Thrill Gold Bracelets

The Fringe Thrill Gold Bracelet showcases multiple horizontal V-shaped motifs facing each other. Multiple cable chains bridge the gap to create the fringe effect. This is a beautiful piece from the Dramatic Fringe Collection inspired by one of the hottest trends of the season.  Add a little femininity to your blazers and pant suits with this!

Fringe Thrill Gold Bracelet

90’s Verve Gold Bracelet

90’s Verve Gold Bracelet is a link chain-inspired bracelet, an ode to the favourite ‘90s trend. It has multiple elongated D-shaped motifs connected to the cable chain, a minimalist take on the larger-than-life link chains trending on the runways this season. Wear them over your cardigan, tops, or long-sleeved pullovers paired with wide-legged trousers.

90’s Verve Gold Bracelet

Psychedelic 70’s Bracelet

With Psychedelic 70’s Bracelet dopamine dressing all the rage, let it spill over to your jewellery as well. The psychedelic 70’s bracelet is a high polish yellow gold cable chain bracelet that has two spatially circular motifs and multiple arrow patterns with Royal Blue, Light Purple, and Ocean Green enamel work. Go all out with a bold contrasting blouse or brighten up your white collared shirts.

Psychedelic 70’s Bracelet

Techno Drop Bracelet

The Techno Drop Bracelet has multiple alternating half hexagonal gold motifs placed in opposite directions, each connected by chain hooks. This is a perfect work wear piece from the latest, futuristic, techno collection influenced by circuitry and machine components. Pair it with your monochrome or classic sheath dress.

The Techno Drop Bracelet

Posh Pearls Gemstone Bracelet

Posh Pearls Gemstone Bracelet is a classic elegant piece to go with all your frills, pleated skirts, and feminine tops. The Posh Pearls gemstone bracelet is a high polish yellow gold banglet with multiple caps set pearls across the cable chain and a bigger cap set pearl attached at the centre via an O-ring.

Posh Pearls Gemstone Bracelet

Grab these from our latest collections.

Melorra lets you be at the top of your game while you chase your dreams. Look effortlessly trendy as you work hard to make them a reality. 

The wait is over!

Sport our gold bracelets for daily wear and dare to take the leap!

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