SS ’19: Fashion’s Lace Replay! #FridayRefresh

Lace is back! And we couldn’t be more excited about it! From Cannes to Met Gala to Game of Thrones Finale Premiere, lacy was a part of one and all. In all it’s grunge glory.

An ode to the 70s Grunge lace, this Spring Summer lacy vibe has been a whole lot edgier and bold. Moving away from all its girlhood connotations of before, lace has had a makeover this season. Fashion connoisseurs like Victoria Beckham, Christopher Kane added lacey slices to masculine silhouettes and lacy dresses respectively. Meanwhile, Alexis Mabille’s collection had a hemline of all things lacy whether it was as a patchwork or complete trousers, lace was everywhere.

Taking inspiration from the lace parade, we decided to include this Spring Summer trend into our jewellery collection. After a stint in diamonds, our designers had more to share! And with that, they created intricate designs in gold that surely highlighted the trend! Here’s a peek into what we have in store for you:Fashion's Lace Replay

Fashion's Lace Replay

Lace trend

Fashion's Lace Replay

So make the new face of lacey a part of your Spring Summer wardrobe! ‘Cause with its edgy and grungy look, there is nothing better to make you stand out clothing wise and now jewellery wise too! With our new lacy collection, your gold and diamond jewellery has become a whole lot trendier.

So while you read more about this trend (Read: Trend Alert), here’s what our Lace Remix collection holds!

SS '19: Fashion's Lace Replay! #FridayRefresh
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SS '19: Fashion's Lace Replay! #FridayRefresh
SS '19: Fashion's Lace Replay! #FridayRefresh
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