SS’21: Activism: From the Designer’s Desk

Activism Melorra Jewellery Trend

This Spring Summer 2021, use your fashion to say it out loud! To stand united! Wanna know what our designer has to say about this empowering Activism collection? Read on.

Fashion has always been used as an object of activism and stood for codes that go far beyond aesthetics. Just take Michelle Obama’s V-O-T-E necklace worn for her speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Or Mindy Kaling’s all rainbow-y chic attire pride parade! Fashion and activism have always been intertwined. 

Activism In Style!

While this activism trend was moving all across the ramps and red carpets, our designer, too, was feeling inspired. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes!

Activism Designer Desk Melorra

Q: What is the basic idea behind this trend, ‘Activism’ and Fashion? How do they unite?

A: To start off, the meaning of the word, Activism & Activist is important. An activist is a person who supports a political, economic, social or environmental cause, not for personal gains but for the masses. The whole theme of activism became extremely relevant over the last year, with covid 19 changing our perspective globally. Everything came into the light, from forest fires, recession, racism to US voting and mental health. As celebrities, influencers, and activists worldwide wrote/talked/became vocal about these topics, fashion took notes.

From Michelle Obama and Julia Roberts dressing up (and talking about) Voting, Anushka Sharma was seen with the message of Save the Planet. Then there was Mindy Kaling supporting Pride in all her rainbow personality. Meanwhile, Dia Mirza was speaking about period shaming.

It was not just about talking or spreading awareness anymore, but also wearing what you believed in. And right then, the fashion ramps and runways of the world became a big part of this movement.


United We Stand!

Q. Why is this a big trend for Spring Summer 2021?

A. A turning point for Diversity – SS21 had all eyes on it. With this season and the year that was, there were a lot of things interlinked.

Amongst the first one was the lockdown – changing perceptions of all sorts! People around the world were in a situation that was never seen or experienced before. And this did take a mental toll on everyone. Understanding the need for mental health awareness, this discussion took the foremost stance – and loudly.

As people were locked in their houses, the internet was the best pass-time of all. And that also led to huge consumption of information. It was not just about likes and dislikes; people now looked at the bigger picture rather than from their own point of view.

Fashion also took a turn this season in a big way. Not only was this trend appearing on the ramps for the first time, but it also questioned the n number of fashion seasons, 50-70 looks and why the need for a crowd. Things that were not thought of before were coming up and being questioned. Why not digital, why not 1 season or classics, why trend – the very basis of fashion needed change, and SS21 definitely heard the world and embraced the change, with many designers taking more sustainable routes and translating it for their collections.


Q. How did you translate this trend for your jewellery concepts?

A. I explored different routes for this collection, with some designed around symbols and some around letters. But since we wanted to cover different causes and perspectives to talk about this trend, I combined these to design a collection that would speak to everyone. There were a lot of inspiration points. Almost every medium was standing up for one or the other. From The Crown’s latest season, wherein Princess Diana was shown with mental health issues, to the protest for Black Lives Matter and Me Too talking on gender equality, there have been multiple reasons to support. To stand together.

Designer Moodboard

People were also speaking about the lockdown and the importance of social distancing to raise awareness and let everyone know that we are all standing together. Over the last year, many things were happening everywhere, and people from all walks of life were coming together. And this is the main thing that we want to communicate through our collection.

Q. How did you shortlist the final concept/collection?

A. Since I was trying to cover different issues, I was not restricted to a community and wanted to add something that connects and relates to everyone. With our final collection, I combined words and symbols that indirectly spoke about the issue and called it – Action Speaks a Thousand Words. I was trying to represent that action speaks louder than words, and when you speak about something, only then will you get heard. And in today’s time – our voices are everything.

Action speaks a thousand words.

We portrayed several issues:

  1. You Matter, You Are Enough and Be Kind were words relating to mental health. We wanted to portray that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. With the lockdown, the fear of covid and being away from family, many people experienced stress.
  2. Hope, Courage and Believe were our words of encouragement for anyone and everyone!
  3. Pride and Love were about the LGBTQIA community, to raise awareness about them and that everyone should be accepted for who they are, no matter where they come from. And more importantly, there’s no need to hide.
  4.  One Earth was also one of the major issues that I covered in this collection. The environment change came up starkly during the last year. Where we as humans stopped, nature flourished around us. It made us all the more aware that there’s No Planet B, and we will sustain, only if the planet does.
  5. Whether it was for different races or women’s rights, the talk of equality was connected through One Race and Girl Power letterings. Any kind of segregation takes us a step back, and it’s time to move ahead.
Q. How would you make a statement with this collection?

A. There’s no wrong or right when it comes to this collection. This collection is a representation of your voice and what you support. Whether it’s health and wellness, the environment, the pride community or even peace, hope or love, this collection is a means of inspiration (and in gold, of course) that you can look at every day and remember forever.

The Statement collection is a conversation starter that will not go unnoticed and, most importantly, lets you be vocal. This collection is also a great reminder for your loved ones to let them know you believe in them and will make for a great gift! It’s all about standing for a cause and flaunting it in gold!

Listen to our designer Mahima talk about her collection on Activism!

Check out the Statement Collection here!

SS'21: Activism: From the Designer's Desk
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SS'21: Activism: From the Designer's Desk
This SS'21, use your fashion to say it out loud! Wanna know what our designer has to say about this empowering Activism collection? Read on.
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