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To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout of what has never been – René Magritte 


Often, we have heard of a surreal look that blows away the mind-breaking barriers on the realist or an ordinary outlook taking a closer peek at the outlandish, one that has its roots in the unconscious. 

The Surreal Collection is about placing the illusionary with reality and juxtaposing ideas. In the world of Fashion and the Runways, This Spring-Summer has blurred the space between reality and illusion; bringing out the bold, bizarre, and the breathtaking. The fashion houses displayed a plethora of atypical outfits with a bolt from the blue and an idiosyncratic impute which is anything but usual. 


Celebrities love the Surreal Way too! 

An unapologetic and bold display of freedom with surrealist styling was seen on celebs like Zendaya, Laven Fox, Cardi B, Chiara Ferangi, Mary L Blige- a definite call for attention! 

The Latest Collection at Melorra is inspired by the Surrealist idea of Juxtaposition which takes a break from the logic. The Trend-inspired Collection has an abstract, quirky and a Fun appeal- a perfect party wear accessory.

 So, why shy away from being a star and demanding attention at your next party? Experience the Surreal with the everyday lightweight jewellery and here are a few Style ideas to add surrealism to the party look: 

# Glam up your look with a volume detail dress and bright open-toed heels for the next party. Style it with the Blurred Lines Gold Bracelet that will add quite the quirk! 

Blurred Lines
Blurred Lines Gold Bracelet

# If a house party is the next spot for the gathering. Keep your outfit comfortable. Mix a basic white T-shirt with bold patterned trousers or a skirt. Dazzle up to the top with the Mystic Dreams Diamond Earrings. 


Mystic Dreams Diamond Earrings
Mystic Dreams Diamond Earrings


# A night of champagne and cocktails? Wear a laced back midi and strappy heels. Add the Starry Delight Diamond Rings to your fingers. 


Starry Delight Diamond Ring
Starry Delight Diamond Ring


# Birthdays are special be it yours or your best friend’s. Add fun to the day with your favorite bright pick- top or dress, you name it, and complete the look with the Blurry Bliss Gold Pendant. 

Blurry Bliss Gold Pendant
Blurry Bliss Gold Pendant


# Wear the Very Dreamlike Gold Necklace to the party thrown by your boss with a black blazer dress and heels. That charm will add to your bonus! 

Very Dreamlike Gold Necklace
Very Dreamlike Gold Necklace


If you’re looking to inject a little more fun into your style, take a cue from these Surreal designs. Experiment with new looks and have fun! 

So why wait? Level up your style game with a SURREAL twist. Dare to be different and break the barriers. Embrace the whimsical side of fashion and let your imagination run wild. 

Explore your favorite surreal piece here. 

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