Top 5 Jewellery to Accessorize with your Daily Wear 

We love accessories and we love gold

But everyday styling can be a little tricky. We know how important it is to have accessories that speak of you; as styling is always personal, jewellery even more. 

Why not add the statement pieces you can call your own from the global trend inspired collections at Melorra?  Fashionable and lightweight, Melorra is about having fashion and jewellery go hand in hand. 

This season, Texture and the play with the fabrics had moments to behold as the texture is about the one that stands out, one you have to touch and the one that you have to feel to know what it is. There is more than meets the eye. Texture Fantasy Collectionis inspired by the world of gaming, oversized layered details, lively art prints, and pleating techniques on the fabrics that pop in 3D like patterns. 

While you need a reason to wear your gold, Melorra’s everyday gold jewellery is fabricated keeping in mind the need for daily wear. This lightweight Collection is versatile and can be paired with your work or casual wear or just when you are running errands – take your space to shine! 

What is it that we have to do daily?  

 We work, we hustle, and we thrive! 

 And then, we also have moments when we are not at our best self – We complain and pour some tears here and now.  

When we know diamonds and gold are a girl’s best friend why not have them with you at all times. Earrings, rings, bracelets or bangles, Go ahead, pick yours and how you want it to be, make it yours. 

Here is a few of our favorite picks for you to add Texture to your everyday look: 


#Own the majesty of the Dragon with our Dragon Desire Gold Ring

It has a timeless appeal and can be paired with any outfit, more so when you want dragon power on your fingers. 

Dragon Desire Gold Ring
Dragon Desire Gold Ring

# The Serpent’s Arrow  has a sophistcation air to it.

This versatile bangle that can be paired with your work wear.

Serpent’s Arrow Gold Bangle

#The Dragon Blaze Gold Ring has a delicate charm

Flaunt your femininity and juxtapose with the bold.. 

Dragon Blaze Gold Ring
Dragon Blaze Gold Ring

#When you have something important to add to the day

Pair the Dragon Wings Gold Necklace with your work attire and look like a dream  


Dragon Wings Gold Necklace
Dragon Wings Gold Necklace



#Add a charming appeal to your date outfit with the Fishy Girdles Gold Earrings and have the attention arrested. 

Fishy Girdles Gold Earrings
Fishy Girdles Gold Earrings

Adding a lightweight collection to your favourite outfits is the perfect way to style your day. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect look for you. 

Add a little magic and glimmer to your summer with our Sunny Collection.

You can also check out our exclusive new collections here


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