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Trendy Bangles For Your Everyday! #Fashion

 Whenever we see a foreigner trying to adorn an Indian getup, what’s that one piece of jewellery that is a part of their ensemble for sure? Bangles! It is that one ornament that has become unanimous with Indian culture for ages now. And, if it is in gold… nothing else is left to say! So, as the times have changed and bangles which are seen as something traditional, found their way in the modern world. Come on and explore how they have also grown with time and are “in-vogue” with almost everything that’s trendy. Bangle is an ornament that has been a part of the Indian culture since 2600 BC. This fine jewellery has been found even in the earliest Mohenjo-Daro excavations. Earlier metals like copper, bronze, and glass were used to make these. And, if someone could afford it, even in gold! Slowly but quite evidently fashion-inspired gold…

A Modern Twist to Classic Bangles! #MustHaves

Showing off a whole new side, bangles are taking a modern twist! Read on to explore trendy and chic bangles that you can flaunt everyday in gold! Did you know that the sound of bangles was said to keep the unwanted negative energy at bay? A jingling that we heard on our mother’s arms, it’s a sound that we’re all quite familiar with. Originating from the Mohenjo-Daro civilization, bangles have been around for centuries in different materials like wood, beads, glass and even seashells. Depicted in numerous sculptors, they have been constant in the accessories department. And for good measure. As per Ayurveda, the friction of gold and silver bangles on women’s wrist were considered to toughen up their bones! Becoming a global spectacle, bangles have now been adopted by Western culture too. Worn as stackables from multi-hued to a colour block, it’s a whole new era for this trinket! Evolving…

How to Measure Your Bangle Size #Melorraguide

On popular demand, we recently published our blog about the Perfect Method to Find The Ring Size. We’ve also gotten a host of calls and enquires to put together a similar one for how to measure your bangle size. So, here you go! We’ve laid out all the ways in which you can find your perfect size, instantly, at home. Also, given that our gold and diamonds bangles are your favourites, we had to oblige! We, women, have forever been in love with bangles. It is usually a go-to accessory before stepping out the door. And with the evolving time, it’s important to evolve the gold bangles for women too! And we’re doing just that. For starters, there are two definitive ways in which you can determine your perfect bangle size. One is if you already one and the other if you don’t. So, if you are looking for the right…