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On popular demand, we recently published our blog about the Perfect Method to Find The Ring Size. We’ve also gotten a host of calls and enquires to put together a similar one for how to measure your bangle size. So, here you go! We’ve laid out all the ways in which you can find your perfect bangle size, instantly, at home.

Also, given that our gold and diamonds bangles are your favourites, we had to oblige!

We, women, have forever been in love with bangles. A bangle is usually a go-to accessory before stepping out the door. And with the evolving time, it’s important to evolve the gold bangles for women too! And we’re doing just that.

Lace Line Up Diamond Bangle

For starters, there are two definitive ways in which you can determine your perfect bangle size. One is if you already have a bangle and the other if you don’t. So, if you are looking for the right Indian bangle size for you on Melorra, follow these simple steps.

1. If you have a bangle that fits perfectly

In case you already have a bangle that fits you correctly, then this procedure will help you find what your size is:

You will need:
– Scale/Ruler
– Marker/Pen
– Paper

The procedure

  • Place the ruler on a sheet of paper
  • Mark the ‘0’
  • Take the bangle and place it on the ruler
  •  Mark the length of the inner diameter of the bangle in (Millimeters)
  • Record the measurement and tally it with the bangle size chart mentioned below.
Fun o Fern Gold Bangle
Bangle Size Chart India
Bangle Size

Diameter (mm)


50.8 mm


54.0 mm


57.2 mm


60.3 mm

63.5 mm


66.7 mm


Star Shell Gold Bangle

2. If you don’t have a bangle that fits perfectly

In case you don’t have a bangle or a banglet that you can use to measure your bangle size, don’t worry. You can still find out your perfect bangle size with this simple method.

You will need:
– A sheet of paper or a string
– Marker/Pen
– Scale/Ruler/measure tape
– Marker/Pen/pencil
– Pair of scissors

The procedure

  • Cut a long strip of paper
  • Bring your thumb and little finger together
  • Wrap the strip of paper/a string along the widest part of your hand.
  • Use the marker/pen to mark the spot where the paper/string meets
  • Cut the paper/string along the market spot using a pair of scissors
  •  Measure the paper/string using the ruler/measure tape (Millimeters)
  • Mark the measurement and tally it with the bangle size chart.


Stack on Bangles

Whether it is a bangle size 2.4 or bangle size 2.6, at Melorra, we make sure you find the right bangle size. Whether it’s a casual wear style or a formal wear one that you’re looking for, there’s a bangle for all your needs. With our trend-inspired designs, bangles online have a whole new range that you can choose from and flaunt every day.

In case you’re in doubt, here’s an infographic to help you out:

Bar O Lace Gold Bangle

Want more clarity?

Here’s a video on how to measure your bangle size

PS: For Oval Bangles and Open Cuff Bangles as well, refer to the measure of your round bangle and select the corresponding size on

Since now you know how to find your bangle size, go ahead and pick up your favourite! Whether it is gold, enamel or diamond bangle designs, we at Melorra make sure that you have minimal yet fashionable styles that will work with all your moods and looks. If you’re still not sure if you’re measuring it right, just give us a call at 7829000052 and we’ll help you out!

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Perfect Method to Measure Bangle Size #Melorraguide
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Perfect Method to Measure Bangle Size #Melorraguide
Perfect Method to Measure Bangle Size #Melorraguide
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