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How To Pick Your Diamond Jewellery #buymelorra

Did You Know: Diamonds are known to be collected and traded in India as early as 400 B.C.? Let’s just say, diamonds have made us weak in the knees, since forever! So ladies, don’t feel so bad if a diamond makes you swoon. It’s been going on for centuries! And let’s face it, we all love the bling that can go with basically Everything. However, even then we choose to wear them for special occasions, where dressing up is mandatory. But, we at Melorra, disagree with this. Diamonds have always made us feel unique, confident and beautiful. So why shouldn’t you have that feeling every day? Then there’s the question of how to don chunky jewellery on an everyday basis? We have a solution. With our contemporary designs and styles that wouldn’t hinder your daily activities, it’s time to pick up diamond jewellery that would go with basically all, and…

10 Facts About 18Kt Gold You Need to Know NOW!

Ever wondered what is 18Kt gold? How is it different from 24kt gold? Have you ever been skeptical about the quality of 18Kt gold, its purity and the durability? Wondered why it is cheaper in cost and light in weight? Worry not, we’ve got all the answers lined up for you! Read on … #Fact 1 – What is ‘Kt’? Spelling it out – The ‘Kt’ in the 18Kt, 14Kt, 22Kt or 24Kt stands for ‘karat’. A unit that measures the purity and quality of gold. So, higher the karat, higher would be the percentage of gold. Point to note: Karat is NOT same as Carat. While Karat is a unit to measure purity of gold, Carat is a unit of mass used to measure diamonds and gemstones. #Fact 2 – What’s the Percentage? Let’s do the math – 18Kt contains 75% gold mixed with 25% of alloyed metal. 24Kt…