Stacking Jewellery

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4 Ways to Stack Up Your Jewellery! #KnowHow

Confused about the stacking jewellery trend? Well, here’s a fun little guide to learn how to stack your precious jewellery! From a noughties revamp to investing in quality jewellery, 2021 was home to many trends. And many of these have transcended into 2022, too. Stacking jewellery is one of these! So today, why don’t we explore some stacking options to keep us looking stylishly trendy all through this year? Read through our immersive guide on the know-hows of stacking up with rings, neckpieces, bracelets and bangles as well as earrings. Stacking jewellery is a tasteful art that even you can master with complete ease. It doesn’t have to mean that you empty your jewellery box or need to channel maximalist energy. Stacking can be as minimalist as you desire and as maximalist as you fancy. Maybe your style is a couple of elegant chains with a statement gem, or you…