4 Ways to Stack Up Your Jewellery! #KnowHow

Confused about the stacking jewellery trend? Well, here’s a fun little guide to learn how to stack your precious jewellery!

From a noughties revamp to investing in quality jewellery, 2021 was home to many trends. And many of these have transcended into 2022, too. Stacking jewellery is one of these! So today, why don’t we explore some stacking options to keep us looking stylishly trendy all through this year? Read through our immersive guide on the know-hows of stacking up with rings, neckpieces, bracelets and bangles as well as earrings.

Stacking jewellery is a tasteful art that even you can master with complete ease. It doesn’t have to mean that you empty your jewellery box or need to channel maximalist energy. Stacking can be as minimalist as you desire and as maximalist as you fancy. Maybe your style is a couple of elegant chains with a statement gem, or you prefer layering up on precious metals with a boho touch, the choice is yours, and the choices are aplenty! So let’s get you started on a few tips and techniques by our fashion experts for an effortless stacking and styling experience.

Explore Four Ways To Stack Your Jewellery

#1 Layering with Necklaces

It’s is an effective technique for those days when you have to transition from a day to night look after work. You can skip the outfit change and swap your work shoes with a pair of heels or wedges and layer up some pendants and chains combined with a statement necklace, and you’re ready for a night about town! If you prefer to make a subtle statement, you can even stack up with some elegant chains and add a pearl necklace or pendant for a bit of classy sophistique.

Melorra Recommends: The Prim Pearls Necklace with The String A Loop Gold Chain and Oblong Links Gold Chain

#2 Stack up the Bracelets

Millennials, your teenage years have prepared you for this moment! Bring back those days of layering with your jelly bracelets and handmade beaded friendship bands and apply those skills to some precious wrist jewellery. Mix n’ match some bangles with varying widths and add a diamond bracelet in between. Or opt for dainty gold chain bracelets with a hanging charm or central motif. You can even flaunt an initial bracelet with those gemstone pieces! Pair with some 90s inspired ensembles and match your go-go boots or baguette purses for an extra oomph factor.

Melorra Recommends: The Red Currant Gemstone Bracelet with The Satin Chamber Gold Bangle and The Orb O Mod Gold Bangle

#3 Ring’in it with the Layers

Stacking with rings is a versatile approach to layering. Rings can be your go-to option without any complications, from work looks to casual outings and dates. You can flaunt some bling with diamonds, go elegant with gemstones in a monochromatic scheme or opt for some fun with colours. For some minimalist edge, simple gold can help accentuate your look. And if you’re looking to experiment and can’t decide on a certain vibe, mix n’ match and play around with your favs!

Melorra Recommends: Pairing The CInch Tight and Feather Fest Gold Rings with The Love Kissed and Symbolise the Chic Diamond Rings

#4 Stacking Earrings

For those with multiple piercings, this one is for you! Stacking with earrings can be elegant, extra, blingy, cool, punk, you name it! And it’s definitely not limited to only casual, or party looks too. For a chic work vibe, pair your drops of the day with some diamond studs or go simple with two pairs of studs. For a casual day out, mix n’ match with colourful studs or combine small hoops. Make your party looks stand out with statement hoops layered up or pair some danglers with gemstones. Experiment, explore and excite!

Melorra Recommends: The Semi Punk Gold Hoops with The Blue Stone Gemstone Studs

Did this little guide help you out with your stacking dilemmas? Get inspired with our collection of Trendy Gold Jewellery to create some AH-mazing layered looks! Also, explore our collection of second studs, made exclusively for stacking.

4 Ways to Stack Up Your Jewellery! #KnowHow
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4 Ways to Stack Up Your Jewellery! #KnowHow
Confused about the stacking jewellery trend? Well, here’s a fun little guide to learn how to stack your precious jewellery!
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