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Top 5 Must-Have Stud Earrings For Your Everyday Look

One accessory we cannot do without is surely Earrings The history of earrings dates back a long way, around 5000 years or more. They were worn not only for decoration or as an ornament, but also for cultural and symbolic reasons. Earrings have had a greater impact on history and human lives than the eyes can see, from pirates to hippies and as a symbol to honour an entire descent. Again, earrings made of gold gained popularity as a symbol of great wealth and prosperity due to the Asian roots of the precious metal.  Recent Times  With changing times, the form and use of earrings as a whole have changed. Women and people, in general, have demanded some form of change from the traditional and antique heavy gold earrings, which resulted in the evolution of gold earrings over the years and the outcome is today’s highly versatile, lightweight and fashionable…