The Gold Jewellery Care Guide for Summer! #tips

When there’s a beach vacay on the mind and outfits are good to go for the trip, there’s only one thing left to wonder – the precious jewellery to go with it. And even when that’s done, there’s the underlying question of how to clean your gold ornaments while on the go.

With ever-evolving fashion trends that make us go gaga over clothes, we at Melorra believe in matching accessories with it too. And not just any, but gold and diamond jewellery that brings out the uber-trendy side of you. And with lightweight and affordable gold jewellery designs, we do just that. When it’s all about spotting your tan, it should be without tarnishing your gold jewellery, shouldn’t it?

So while you’re getting ready for your trip to begin, here’s how you can sport gold jewellery without a care in the world! – And cleaning instructions.

#1. Make sure you’re ready for the Sun with some sunscreen on! And while you’re taking care of your skin, let the sunscreen soak in before you put your jewellery on. Wait a couple of minutes before putting on your jewellery and at the end of the day, make sure to wash it out with normal water to remove any residual lotion.

Gold Jewellery Guide For Summer
The Tropical Trivia Gold Necklace

#2. While you’re taking a stroll on the beach or maybe taking your friends out for a volleyball match, a little sweat is bound to play a part. Cleaning your gold jewellery here with mild soap, fresh water and a soft cloth is all you need to do to keep those pieces ready to shine through the day!

Gold Jewellery Guide For Summer
The Oyster Bay

#3. A fan of stacking up chains? You can do that at the beach too! And if you’re wondering it’s going to be a lengthy affair – absolutely not! But then you wonder, how to clean gold chains at home, after all? Simple! All you need is to soak your gold chains for 15-20 minutes in some warm water with mild soap and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. And that’s all.

Gold Jewellery Guide For Summer
Fashion Chains

#4. If you prefer diamond or gemstone-studded jewellery, don’t sweat it. Unlike gold chains and other gold designs, here you shouldn’t soak it in. Soaking it in can trap water and soap under the stones and make it rust or discoloured over time. Choose to rinse it under running water and use a soft toothbrush to clean it around the edges. Also, make sure to check whether the jewellery is completely dry before storing it in.

Gold Jewellery Guide For Summer
Gemstone Jewellery Designs

#5. In case you’re a fan of colour and love to add it in not just in your clothes but also your jewellery too, enamel jewellery is your answer. And wondering how to take care of it? All you need is a toothbrush dipped into a little toothpaste. Brush the corners and the surface lightly and you’re good to go!

Care Guide For Summer
The Fruity Yellow Collection

Since now you know how to clean gold at home in all its forms, all you need are your basic ingredients which are right there! Mild soap and water is a convenient solution that you can use wherever you’re travelling to. Whether it’s that sarong-bikini outfit or the white summer dress you’ve been planning to flaunt, your gold jewellery can easily be a part of it! So don’t stop but only shop for gold this season.

From beach vacays to your general summer days, it’s time to show off gold like never before! Check out our entire collection here!

While you’re here and in the mood to know more, check out this gold jewellery buying guide here!

The Gold Jewellery Care Guide for Summer! #tips
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The Gold Jewellery Care Guide for Summer! #tips
The Gold Jewellery Care Guide for Summer! #tips
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