10 OTT Notes on Fashion from the 2019 Met Gala!

Think dramatic, think exaggeration, think fabulous – The theme of this year’s Met Gala was all of them in the most ‘Fashun’ sense. Standing true to its every word.

This year’s theme, Camp, had everyone by the ropes with no one sentence to describe it all. With the spotlight on everything fabulous and oh-so-over-the-top, it was an ode to fashion and escapism. Basking in the glory of Camp: Notes on Fashion, the Met Gala was all about bringing back the Extra in fashion Extravaganza. Where reality has been hitting us all between the eyes, this was the moment to entertain ourselves and just relax – with glamour and humour.

After the Heavenly Bodies exhibit that was the 2018 highlight, this year Camp took us on a journey of exaggeration. Combined with all the Spring Summer 2019 runway trends, there was a whole-lotta-love on the red carpet. Whether it was going all aboard the feathers train (literally) or showing off that Lace stockings, there was no holding back! With celebrities taking on the Camp challenge in the latest trends, we had to come up with a best-dressed list! (Obviously)

Trust us, it was a difficult task. While everyone was bringing their A-game to this event, we were looking out for all the trends that were going crazy on the red carpet. Here’s who won our hearts with their trendy and OTT style!

#1. When JLo goes the sequin way, there’s nothing more to say than to watch the head-to-toe sparkle – Let it shine they said, let it shine.
Jennifer Lopez | Photo Credits: Pop Sugar
#2. A little feather and a lot of pizazz, Cardi B had the floor with her exaggerated train and the ripple effect feel.
Cardi B | Photo Credits: Daily Mail
#3. Celine Dion’s exaggerated fringe had all the movement, everyone needed to get on the dance floor and twirl!
Celine Dion | Photo Credits: Vogue
#4. Did we mention Pastels are back in? Here’s a look of Hailey Beiber to help you plan all your evening wear.
Hailey Bieber | Photo Credits: Vogue UK
#5. Who says fashion and art don’t mix? Here’s Janelle Monae to prove everyone wrong with her Picasso – Dali inspired outfit. FYI the eye winks.
Janelle Monae | Photo Credits: Daily Mail
#6. It’s time to be a Candelabra! – Probably what Katy Perry thought that morning and decided to floor everyone at the Met Gala with her exaggerated yet ‘lit’ style.
Katy Perry | Photo Credits: Daily Mail
#7. Let there be a feather fest – The Spring Summer 2019 motto! With Kendall Jenner’s fringe, sheer and feathery look, we were all gasping for breaths.
Kendal Jenner | Photo Credits: Daily Mail
#8. Did anyone call their Fairy Godmother? Or maybe just Cinderella? Zendaya’s magic moment was her light-up gown lit by her very own Fairy Godmother on the red carpet. And we heard that she left a glass slipper behind…
Zendaya | Photo Credits: Vogue
#9. Naomi Campbell went on to play with multiple SS19 trends that were a highlight for us. From feathers, lace to lavender, it was a picture perfect moment.
Naomi Campbell | Photo Credits: Daily Mail
#10. If there’s one Jenner on the list, there has to be the other one too! Slaying in her very own feathers and fishnet trend, Kylie Jenner wasn’t too far behind in the fashion game.
Kylie Jenner | Photo Credits: Daily Mail

So while you’re fawning over these stars and their oh-so-gorgeous taste in fashion, don’t forget to check the upcoming trends too! While Met Gala called out for all things extravagant, the Spring Summer 2019 fashion trends got a platform to grab our attention again.

Picking out trends from SS2019, we at Melorra are half way through fine jewellery that is made for this season’s events. Dropping hints for you, stay tuned to see what more we have in store for you this season!

But before that, take a look at what our Spring Summer 2019 collections look so far!

10 OTT Notes on Fashion from the 2019 Met Gala!
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10 OTT Notes on Fashion from the 2019 Met Gala!
10 OTT Notes on Fashion from the 2019 Met Gala!
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