The Gold Jewellery Buying Guide for the Modern Woman!

With we think of gold what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Making charges, Karats, old-fashioned or chunky jewellery might be some of your first thoughts. But what if gold could be more than that? And what if it Already Is? Wouldn’t That be something? Check out this guide.

Gold has been a part of our nation since forever. From being known as the Golden Bird to this day, this precious metal has been winning hearts everywhere and has even moved on to the western world. However, gold has always been thought of as an investment or more so, a jewellery piece that’s always been kept in the locker. But it’s time to break away from those customs. This guide will show you how.

However, before we hit those questions, what are the few things that you Absolutely should check before purchasing gold jewellery? How should you know that the gold jewellery price is right and with genuine BIS certification? Well, we’re here with this guide to solve those questions for you!

Here’s what you should check first:

1.       Gold Purity:

Whenever you inspect the jewellery, amongst the first thing to check is the karats. One of the purest forms of hallmark gold is 24 karats, which basically means that it is 99.9% pure. The higher the percentage of gold in your jewellery, the higher the karat will be. However, 24 karats is not suitable for making jewellery and that brings us to 22k gold (91% purity) which is widely used. The price of the product also depends on what karat you’re going for. So whenever you’re looking for gold jewellery design, make sure to ask what karat it is!

gold jewellery
The Lens Prance Gold Bracelet

2.       BIS Certification:

The next important bit in line is the certification, which means BIS hallmarked jewellery. BIS hallmark means that that jewellery has passed the national and international standards of finesse and purity. In simpler terms, if you’re looking to shop for 22k gold jewellery online, check for a stamp that has a 916 hallmark. This basically means that a 22k which has a purity of 91.6% (916 derivation) is authentic.

3.       Gold Making Charges:

Now the making charges of gold jewellery are a little tricky business. This amount is mainly a percentage of the current gold rate that is added as the labour cost to every jewellery piece. Depending on the hallmarked gold price of the day and the design intricacy, the price of every piece differs. The more intricate the craftsmanship, the more the difference. So before you make the final purchase, always make sure to check this bit!

Rhyme N Ruffle Gold Hoops

4.       Gold Price:

With the nation’s gold price rate changing every day, there are quite a few factors that affect the overall price. The making charges and the gold purity of the jewellery majorly affect the overall price and should always be kept in mind before going towards checkout! For example, while the 916 gold rate is Rs.2849, the 18k gold price per gram today is Rs.2136, however, it was Rs.2133 yesterday! (To all those who missed – there’s still time before the price goes up!)

Explore Gold Rings

5.       Trust:

An important aspect of every gold purchase, trust is a must before you pick out your jewellery. From the brands’ credibility to the BIS hallmark and certification for your purchase, make sure you have all the documents that will help you in the future. Whether it is to exchange for a better piece or file a complaint, this is important. At Melorra, we make sure that you receive all the certifications with your jewellery along with the option of Cash on Delivery, a 30-days Return Policy and an Insured Delivery to make it easier for you to shop for gold online.

The Melorra Guarantee

6.       Buyback Option:

The buyback option refers to the offer that the jeweller is providing if you wish to return or exchange a jewellery piece at a later stage. This gives you an option to update your gold jewellery collection with absolute ease and that too at a value-for-money rate! At Melorra, we provide a 30-days return policy as well as a lifetime exchange to make it a hassle-free experience for you.

So if you’re looking for hallmarked gold jewellery online, there’s no place better than Melorra! Embracing the jewellery needs of the modern woman, we’re all about creating a difference in her fine jewellery collection. After all, when your clothing is getting an update, why shouldn’t your gold jewellery? And in the world of digitalization, why should you need to go to a store instead of purchasing it at a click of a button?

 We’re sure you have a lot of questions for us and don’t worry, we’re here to simplify it all for you in this guide!

7. Is it fashionable?

At Melorra, we have a dedicated team of designers who research the latest fashion runway trends as per the season and translate them into gold jewellery designs. Researching the ramps of Milan, Paris, London and New York, we follow fashion enthusiasts like Zimmermann, Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Tom Ford to name a few. So one thing is for sure – Gold has never looked more glam. Read on the entire guide to know more!

The California Girl Collection

8. Does it go with my wardrobe?

In a world of fast fashion where wardrobes are changing every season, fashion trickles down to us in numerous ways. Sometimes picking up the colour, the print or that sleeve length of the season, there’s something we all have in our wardrobes. So when you’re prepping up for that clubbing night or a family brunch, shouldn’t your accessories be up-to-date too? Catering to your need for minimal yet fashionable jewellery, we create light-weight pieces that can easily fit into your routine. Gone are the days of chunky pieces – It’s time to pick up minimal ones.

The Fruity Yellow Collection

9. Does it go with my lifestyle?

In a world where everything almost seems like a blur, everything works like clockwork. With some following schedules that require 25 hours in a day, there are others who probably need 26. In a fast-paced world, there’s only so much time to dedicate to your ensembles in the early hours of the morning and even lesser for your accessories! So keeping it simple, we’re all about providing you comfort. At Melorra, we include hook earrings, push screws for your earrings and toggle locks for your bracelets and necklaces to keep it quick for you. After all, 5 minutes is all we have to step out the door!  

Easy-to-Wear Jewellery

10. Is it a brand that gets me?

Keeping the needs of the modern woman in mind, we at Melorra question every minute detail to make sure that it satisfies your criteria. Whether it is trust, affordability, easiness or hassle-free, there’s something for everyone, right here. And without the hectic nature of stepping out for a store visit. When online shopping is there for pretty much everything, why not Gold too? Especially when we’re there to take care of you to guide you wherever you need, whenever you say!

We hope this gold jewellery buying guide must have helped you!

Melorra makes sure that your accessories get the right update, just like your clothes and that too, with the right bling! With hallmark jewelry, certifications and cash on delivery transactions it’s full-proof! So let’s make gold jewellery a part of your every day again, shall we?

The Gold Jewellery Buying Guide for the Modern Woman!
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The Gold Jewellery Buying Guide for the Modern Woman!
The Gold Jewellery Buying Guide for the Modern Woman!
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