5 Things To Do While in Quarantine! #StayHomeNotBored

We’re in the new reality of life. Where work-from-home is the way to work and all the while managing our home chores around the clock. And basically not stepping outside. #StayHome

We get it. With our lives on the line (or someone else’s), we’re all following our social duties and staying indoors. However, sitting at home all day long is not something we’re typically used to. Whether it was about going to meet some friends, a drive or just having the option of it, makes us feel, A Lot, better. But, in the current scenario, those options don’t exist, and monotony and frustration are ready to set in.

However, don’t fret! ‘Cause we’re here to help! It’s time to stop feeling pity for yourself, but get all set to motivate! Here are a few things you can do to make yourself feel active: 

 #1. Make a workout regime

One of the last things on our mind, but should be the first to follow, is making a workout regime. On a normal day, we all tend to walk around in the office, take a tea break or maybe even go for an ice-cream! There’s some movement involved, that actually helps us in freshening up our mind. However, we tend to forget these small things when we work from home. So, add an activity that makes you move. Whether it’s taking a walk around the house or on the terrace, maybe playing badminton in your garden, add endorphins to your daily plan.

#2. Calculate Your Screen Time

We totally get it! When we’re at home, all our entertainment is, basically on screens. From TV, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, you say it, and there’s everything on these portals. Whether it’s World News to Prime Video & Netflix binging, it’s all about staying online. However, the more time we spend looking at screens, the more lethargic we feel. We don’t want to move or even get out of bed at times. And then there’s the eye and headache factor. So make sure that you indulge in some off-screen activities too. Maybe organise that cupboard you’ve been procrastinating over, pick a book to read, draw, paint, whatever it may be, go for it! Get yourself up and going.

#3. Make Goals, Not Instagram Goals

There’s a whole lotta social media content to envelop nowadays. Seriously. There are sooo many platforms to look at. And then our friends are updating their stories about recent workout sessions, or how they’re planning this time at optimal levels etc. While it’s good to see what your peeps are upto, it doesn’t mean that you have to go all out or align your goals with theirs! Make your own goals, share them or don’t share them, that’s upto you! Everyone has a different life and different thing to achieve, so go for what you’d rather spend your time doing!

#4. The New Skin Regime – At Home

Salons are basically out of the question at the moment. And do you remember those face masks, creams, foot scrubs etc. you bought that time, for ‘someday’? Well, here’s your someday! So while we’re all at home, get those products out! From that face mask to scrubs to even that bubble bath mix, this is the time to make yourself feel good and ready, whenever you get to step out. Or at the least, your video calls and selfies just got a whole lot better! *Wink

#5. No Time For Boredom

We all suffer from the idea of boredom. We’ll start an activity, get bored and dump it out. However, the situation calls for a better way to deal with it. Get out of your comfort zone, do things that you’ve always had on your list. Maybe start with making a list! Saved a recipe earlier, try it out. Got some fairy lights, put them up. Sort through your clothes, watch that series you’ve been thinking of getting around to, whatever it might be, now’s the time for it. Look through your bucket list and add on what next you want to do! Make new goals or revisit old ones to tick through, it’s your call!

So while this time can be a little isolating and frustrating, it doesn’t mean that it has to be! Video conference with your friends, watch a movie with Netflix Party or just play games, there’s a whole other side to look at. So don’t miss it, but make the most of it.

Stay safe & stay indoors! 

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