10 Budget Friendly Gold Earrings to Wishlist!

While we’re ongoing week 2 of being in quarantine, there’s a whole lot of scope for boredom. After a while, you’re done playing games and even done with scrolling the ‘gram. So why not plan ahead instead? How about some earrings? Let’s explore.

With shopping being on the backburner at the moment, who said you can’t always wishlist? And that too, gold jewellery! Now that’s something that’ll never go out of style! With fashionable designs and more importantly, everyday gold jewellery, we’re all about making your scroll-time a little more fun.  And when it comes to gold earrings, it’s an even better way to pass some time.

So while you’re all set to create your wishlist for the future, we’re talking about gold earrings under 10k! Now that’s a budget-friendly way to shop or wishlist, are we right? Making it an easy-peasy quest for you here’s all you need to own in fun colours and even some bling! Check out what we have:

#1. Bodice Bae from our #FreeTheInner Collection that fits perfectly with our indoor comfy sweats and spaghetti tops.

#2. Bold Hats Earrings that have a fun take on summer – and Definitely lights up the day!

#3. Confetti Cones that remind us that we can always add colour to our days – even when we’re in lockdown.

Budget Friendly Gold Earrings

#4. Lace Twinning gold earrings for a little bit of flower and a little bit of intricacy. Flowers for your garden and flowers for your ears!

Budget Friendly Gold Earrings

#5. Peace Out diamond studs that add the calm to all your days. Even when there are too many zoom calls to attend.

#6. Plaid Power bling up for those over-sized shirts that we all love to don.

#7. The Plume Play studs for a little feather fun! And maybe some pillow talks.

Budget Friendly Gold Earrings

#8. Sail to Square studs for an edgy look that everyone is definitely going to Ogle at.

#9. The Starry Seas gold studs that remind you of the sun and the sea and make you plan your next vacation already.

Budget Friendly Gold Studs

#10. Stars Forever gold studs that you can add to your dress-up days!

Budget Friendly Gold Earrings

So while quarantine can be boring, here’s giving you a reason to scroll through and add some gold to your wishlist. Whether it’s a simple gold earrings design or gemstone gold earrings under 10k, there’s a lot to experiment with! 

Check out our budget-friendly gold earrings designs here!

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10 Budget Friendly Gold Earrings to Wishlist!
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10 Budget Friendly Gold Earrings to Wishlist!
10 Budget Friendly Gold Earrings to Wishlist!
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