This Season, Get Ready to Party in The Tropical Style! #FestiveFloralCollection #TrendAlert

In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand, there is the story of the earth

——- Rachel Carson 

Party-wear trends are all about flaunting fashion trends, footwear or jewellery in a glam way. This Autumn/Winter is about embracing one’s wild and carefree side. So, it gets all exciting with global trend-inspired jewellery featuring styles with exotic twists and displaying a feminine mood altogether. This season, inspired by the tropical fashion trend, Melorra has created The Festive Floral Collection that marks a new milestone with its lovely assemblage of beautiful jewellery.  

Welcome yourself to tropical paradise and experience a lively mood grooving to parties with the essence of tropical floral fun. Let’s take a refreshing plunge into the arena of tropical flora!

Designer’s View 

This year’s runway featured looks are perfect for Autumn/Winter 2022. From Schiaparelli and Carolina Herrera to MiuMiu, Pam Angels and Chanel, the fashion houses displayed a flora lust that included tropical flowers, palm tree leaves, bunches, etc. The floral prints took a jump when mainstream clothing brand H&M launched a set of clothing pieces featuring palm leaves. 


Celebs Flaunting Tropical Prints 

Celebrity queens like Ariana DeBose and Katrina Kaif stepped out in style, flaunting this exotic fashion trend, looking like a dream. The tropical flowers, palm leaves and trees, exotic big floral hues, leaves, and flower bunches created a vibe of dense tropical forests, clearly indicative of the cause of the trend.  

Passing on this vibe to exclusive jewellery, we have curated this global fashion-inspired collection to perfectly match up and harmonize your tropical party look. Select a piece to complement your next party look: 

Tropical Vibe Bracelet



This diamond bracelet can amp any casual look to a party outfit and since the vibe is all about being carefree, flaunt the gorgeous bracelet with a crop top and skirt with a thigh-high slit to embrace your feminine side too. 

Take Me To The Tropics Earrings



Even though a leafy or flowery patterned earring would suit you, now’s the time to completely do an exotic experiment with your accessories and display these excellent cut earrings pairing them up with a black bodycon dress and pulled-back hair to make those danglers shine and make you stand apart from the rest. 

A Tropical Affair Ring




Less is the new more, so whenever you wish to make a statement that is subtle but still speaks your vibe, then this diamond ring is the perfect go-to for you. Pair this with any outfit to give that classy finish to it. 

Aloha Necklace



This diamond necklace will go well with a deep V-cut top or one-coloured satin shirts with large collars that are making rounds in the fashion dimension in recent times. Pair it with any jeans for a casual party look. 

Tropical Carnival Bangle




The gold bangle will greatly complement a leafy printed shirt or skirt and bring attention to its small details. Get ready to turn heads when people witness this exotic piece in your next party look. 

Tropicana Pendant




The classy yet elegantly curvy gold pendant will add a certain shine to your neckline at the party and make you the showstopper of the evening. Wear a crisp white shirt to accentuate its features and glow in your floral vibe. 

Let’s Party In The Tropical Style

With endless reasons to love and sport our newest collection, the root of this trend cannot be overlooked. Portraying a festive vibe, the collection adds meaning to your glamour, giving all the signs of a collection that is to be cherished and flaunted to make a bold statement. In the new times of expressing our hearts, it is only fair that our outfits and jewellery reflects our attitude and bring them to attention. 

This season, we have curated the collection of accessories with concepts like ‘Take me to the Tropics’, ‘Tropical Carnival’ and ‘High on Tropics’. They bring with them an exotic air of freshness and tropical vibes. 

So, if you love a good spotlight, nature intrigues you, and a little flora sprinkled on your outfits does not throw you off then The Festive Floral Collection is just for you! 

Go ahead and party in a tropical style bearing all your love for nature with a burst of beautiful floral and leafy designs. 

Also, do not forget to check out our other collections as well! 

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