This Daughters Day, gift her gold initials from our Alphabets Collection! #AlwaysMyLilGirl

Go on, take on this whole world. But to me you know you’ll always be my little girl

———–Tim Mcgraw

They say angels come into our lives often disguised as daughters, and we couldn’t agree more. The bond between you and your child is something truly special. It is hard to imagine a world that would think any differently.

But in a predominantly patriarchal society like ours, it is not uncommon for girls to be shunned or stepped over. Daughters Day was conceived with the objective of fighting the stigma around the girl child and reminding all parents that they are a blessing.

Daddy’s Girl Forever!

No matter which part of the world you live in, your daughter is the little princess that stole your heart the moment you saw and held her. She’s daddy’s little girl and mommy’s best friend!

It is said that a girl’s first love is her father. And one smile from her can melt your heart, chase away all worries. You are her hero and she is your confidant. Whether she’s just a little angel in pigtails/ponytails or has grown into the queen you prepared her to be, she will always be your lil girl. Such is the father-daughter bond!


Gift Her Gold Initials

The day to celebrate this precious relationship is here once again. This Daughter’s Day, mark your love with gold! Yes, that’s right, surprise her with her initials in gold from Melorra. Pass on the joy that she brings to you with beautiful jewellery from our lightweight jewellery collections. 

Parade your love with our Alphabets Collection, which has a range of accessories showcasing gold and diamond encrusted alphabets.

Every child is unique with innate qualities that make us admire and love them more and more every day. This year, take a moment to laud them for just being their remarkable selves!

Take a sneak peek into our Alphabets Collection here!

All Your Dreams Diamond Earrings   



A dreamy diamond dangler earring for the sparkle she brings to your eyes. This is a pair of 18KT gold drop earrings that have a vertical rectangular bar attached to the post. The alphabet A dangles from the chain with diamonds in a three-prong setting.

Never Say Never Gold Pendant


One for the mischievous and playful little one, bubbling with energy. She loves a challenge and never backs down. They grow up too fast, so savor those impish smiles every chance you get! This high polish yellow gold pendant has the cut-out of the ‘N’ alphabet dangling from a vertical strip of gold.

Radiant Gold Earrings



Those melodious laughs are like music to your ears, making you smile each time. She has a funny bone that tickles just about everyone in your family. The radiant gold dangler for the beaming grin she leaves behind on your face. This is a high-polished gold pair of earrings with the ‘r’ alphabet attached to the post.

Paints All Over Gold Bracelet


The Paints All Over Gold Bracelet is for the creative genius whose wish list for colors and paints never seems to end. She is as unique as her art, making you watch in wonder as she sets about on a new project. This is a high-polished yellow gold bracelet inspired by the ‘P’ letter with a round cut-out pattern attached to a cable chain.

Love Forever Gold Rings



She is a love bundle, welcoming you every day with an explosion of hugs and kisses. You wish she’d never outgrown your lap! Capture those precious moments with the Love Forever gold ring. This is a high-polished gold ring with a square cut-work design. It has a dangling gold ‘L’ alphabet attached to the ring.

Awesome As You Bracelet


Is she a little fashionista or a diva in the making? They are already watching makeup tutorials or fond of fashionable clothes! The vision in the pink bracelet for the future reel queen! This is a high-polished yellow gold cable chain bracelet that has multiple spatially placed inverted ‘V’ alphabet, with the centremost one enameled in pink.

Now that we have got you covered with gifts for your little munchkin, go ahead and take your pick.

Let her know that even if you let go of her hand once in a while, you will always have her back.

So sit back and watch her proudly flaunt her initials to the world!

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