Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under Budget #December

December is here. The season of Christmas, Santa, and lots of gifts that Santa brings! Are you up for the fun while staying “in budget”? 😉

Cold and freezing December is here! Time to party, time to celebrate. After the pandemic, this seems to be the first month of this year which brings a little peace. Whatever the scene be, can Christmas ever go without some pretty giftssss!? Nope. While even short on budget, you’ve got to gift your pretty ladies some fabulous gifts that no woman can ever say NO to. 

Well, before you head out to make a list of all the things that might be there in your “fabulous gifts” list, here are some jewellery ideas we’re shortlisting for you, while keeping your pocket safe!

So, cheer on and buckle up for this winter fiesta! Scroll over:

#1. White Soiree Diamond Pendant to add a light swan like touch to her beauty.

What’s more beautiful than a beautiful, sweet and simple diamond pendant that goes with everything!

Gifts under budget

#2. Floral Faerie Nosepin that add shine to that pretty face! 

Well, that’s in budget, and in DIAMOND! 😀
10k under 10k

#3. Ballet Pink Pendant for her love for pink!

Not trying to sound cliche, but pink is a quite sweet colour. And, you’re gonna add a sweet enough gemstone to it. She’s gonna love it more.December gifts

#4. Triangular Tango Ring for your love of the Tango age in December!

Pure, divine and the forever promise of diamond. What else do you need?10k under 10k

#5. In A Curve Dangler earrings for those cute, sweet and salty curves in your relationship!

Let those curves get a beautiful name with the beauty of this gemstone and gold gift.December gifts

#6. Calming Coral studs for the calm and serene December with Christmas and Jesus!

Add some coral colours to  Christmas celebrations!gifting

#7. Basic Blooms Pendant for more beauty blooming into your lives this beautiful December!

Add some extra blessings to the serene Christmas celebrations with this pendant in diamond.
December gifts

#8. Twinkles Earrings to add a little more twinkle to her beautiful eyes!

While Christmas has an aura of twinkles and stars and lights, add a little more to it with this rose gold earring.gifting

#9. Bolt Revolt Pendant for the bold and beautiful you!

While you’re picking out gifts for your loved ones, it won’t bite to gift yourselves too, for being such a beautiful and brave heart.December gifts

#10. Lucky Star Diamond Nosepin for the lucky Christmas star of December!

Christmas trees, carols, casseroles, puddings,  and a lucky little star! Christmas made perfect.December gifts

So, with no loan or cost-cuttings, go for gold with ease!

While you’re here and in the mood to gift, a much better perspective never hurts. 🙂 Check out more gifting options here!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under Budget #December
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Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under Budget #December
December is here. The season of Christmas, Santa, and lots of gifts that Santa brings! Are you up for the fun while staying “in budget”? 😉
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