Top 10 Gold Bangles for Daily Wear

Jewellery and accessories are an integral part of our ensemble which can complete and complement one’s look enormously.  

Has the thought of lightweight gold jewellery crossed your mind recently? Then Melorra’s jewellery is perfect for your everyday look! 

The fascination for trendy gold bangles has never been out of style. Be it the bright yellows, sparkling white gold or subtle rose gold, a good piece of gold ornament never goes unnoticed. To make a statement or even to get the radiance in oneself, one tries to find different and unique kinds of elements to match their personality. From celebrities to influencers, they have shown us how beautifully minimal gold bangles can be styled. 

Celebrate Your Other Innate Feminine Traits 

Jewellery that is stylish and designs that are unique to you can be hard to find. Time and again, we are told about the preference for gold by our mothers and grandmothers. That trend of gold wearing has returned globally with a zing.

The heavy unmanageable bangles are now taken over by the lightweight ones. They are made to match the tastes and lifestyle of the new generation as well as provide a refreshing alternative for you to wear gold not only on special occasions but as a part of daily life. With hundreds of designs to choose from – our designs are curated keeping in mind the global fashion trends; also the ones that are easy to carry everywhere – workplaces, parties, or any mundane endeavour. Ditch the bangles which are not just heavy on the hand as well as the pocket because minimalistic pieces are here to stay. 

Celeb’s Corner 

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid flaunt her bangles to Meghan Markle’s choices of gold accessories; the right accessory can accentuate anyone’s features and personality. Global trend-inspired jewellery is very refreshing in the form of bangles adorning bare wrists or when paired with watches.  Match it with your pantsuit, dress or your choice of casuals and you are good to go!

It’s also a perfect gift sometimes – one that displays love and one which is as permanent as the love you harbour for them! 

Birthdays, anniversaries, convocations, and first salary calls for celebration and gifts, making the memory a permanent one. A special initial or your important date engraved on the bangle makes it so meaningful as to etch the moment in your mind forever. 

From gifting your mom, sister, wife or daughters a feeling of self-love, does kindle the thought of gifting something special, right? So why wait for an occasion? With Melorra, make everyday a special one!  

Our global trend-inspired jewellery is an entire collection of thousands of crafted ideas that create a statement. Pair them with your casuals, formals or your ethnic dress and get ready to slay. All these pieces are comfortable, versatile and yes – Super Stylish!

So when you have the compliments collected, do let us know.  

Let’s take a sneak peek at the collections:  

  1. Collecter’s Edition Gold Bangle: This simple yet classic design from the millennial collection can be paired with any outfit and styled by stacking up if you want to dazzle up your style game.
    Collecter’s Edition Gold Bangle

  2. Mon Amour Gold Bangle: Let your special one have a piece of your heart by gifting this beautiful piece with concentric heart cut-outs on both sides from the Valentine Hearts Collection.
    Mon Amour Gold Bangle

  3. Mermaid Muse Gold Bangle: Go about your day with a beautiful flow unique to you by wearing this elegant piece with a feminine twist from our Mermaid collection curated for today’s women.
    Mermaid Muse Gold Bangle

  4. Bind In A Dream Gold Bangle: Designed with horizontal stripes in symmetrical intersections, placed at the centre of this bangle is a sinusoidal wave-like design perfect to compliment your ups and downs of the day. This stylish yet super comfortable piece is from our surreal collection to make you feel surreal.
    Bind In A Dream Gold Bangle

  5. Sea Fairy Gold Bangle: Feel like a fairy by wearing the bangle and adorn its two-stranded symmetrical fin motifs which add glamour and chic to your style in a subtle yet lustrous way.
    Sea Fairy Gold Bangle

  6. Chin n Combat Gold Bangle: With olive green enamel work, this high polish bangle from our Camouflage collection is bound to make heads turn your way.
    Chin n Combat Gold Bangle

  7. Delighted Tales Gold Bangle: One from the classics collection that never goes out of style, this trendy design with arrow-shaped motifs is very eye-catchy.

    Delighted Tales Gold Bangle
  8. Infinite Loop Gold Bangle: Another one from the classic collection is the infinite loop bangle with curvy edges at the centre shaped like an infinity loop just like your infinite talents.
    Infinite Loop Gold Bangle

  9. Chain Domain Gold Bangle: Feel and look gorgeous in the bangle featuring interlocked oval motifs from the scarf print collection.
    Chain Domain Gold Bangle

  10. Sunny Shingle Gold Bangle: Bring out your inner twinkle by matching this simple yet lively design with a sun-shaped motif at the centre that matches your energy.
    Sunny Shingle Gold Bangle

A good piece of ornament can always add an exciting factor to the overall outfit! 

So, break free from the monotonous heavy designs of gold and select beautiful lightweight pieces for yourself from the numerous refreshing collections every season with Melorra.  

We wait in excitement to know your favourites! 

Do you like to rule the road? Do check our latest collection here! 

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