Rule the Road with our Biker Collection #TrendAlert

I refuse to be bound by Rules and to do things that are Pleasant for you, I refuse to be in that tiny box of your Imagination! I am the one, who loves the Wind gushing on my face and Sunshine on my shoulders, I am the force, who loves a Wild adventure; I would rather wear my Boots than a Heel… I would rather be me than be a version of your Scriptures! 

Rebellious, Edgy, Bold and the one to have the folk’s jaw dropped when she roars the street in her Motorcycle. The one wearing her art Tattoos, caring less about opinions- casually tosses her Zippo and lights a cigarette.  

Yes, we are talking about Biker Ladies and Melorra has come up with something special inspired by the grunge trend! It’s The Biker Collection, we are in awe and admiration for the queen that she is and for taking that space she needs! 

Gear Up To Add The Sass To Your Look! 

Rule those Streets – Designer’s Exhibit 

From Prada, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace to Acne Studios displayed the grunge look with statement jackets and styling with bottom wear in frills, laces, jeans, and boots. Street style experimented with statement boots and baggy trousers.

Celebs Living the Biker Way 

Biker looks have been a favourite of Shruti Haasan and Kalki Koechlin. Kim Kardashian with her beau Travis Barker is seen swearing by this trend. Others like Deepika Padukone, Lily Collins, Kanye West and Julia Fox also sported the trend. 

Let’s take a STYLE RIDE with our Latest Collection 

This Spring-Summer our collection is inspired by the grunge trend of the 90s where bikers ruled the streets in fierce motorcycles wearing studded leather jackets and edgy accessories.  

This lightweight jewellery in white and rose gold and studded diamonds, inspired by stud motifs in the jackets- is created keeping the global trend at heart– the one that makes a bold statement. 

Take a Look at a Few Pieces from Our Biker Collection:

The Global trend-inspired collection this season is a perfect match for your casual wear, mix and match with baggy jeans, a tulle skirt and a black T-shirt, laces and leather. Experiment! It’s about speaking your own rules and daring to be! 

So be you. Keep it bold and yet casual, and experience a magical warm season with our Biker Collection. The only thing you will need to add to your fierce persona. 

 So, put on that bold red, and get ready to rule the streets!  

This season is hot and you are fiery. Jazz up your wardrobe with the beautiful edgy designs curated just for the Queen in you. 

Check out the Melorra Catalogue! We would love to know how you would want to pair it with your outfits! 

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