‘Inspire a Fighter Within’ with our Warrior Collection #TrendAlert 

The Greatest Pleasure in Life is doing what people say you cannot do.

        ———–Walter Bagehot 

Herstory and Today’s World 

Looking back at history, most cultures have glorified and sung stories of men, like warfare has been men’s domain. Indeed, it was, as women and children and the old were more likely to be protected by the patriarchs but it has not always been true because there are unsung stories of brave female warriors of heroic demeanor who have fought big wars and ones who have fought alongside their peers when times have called; not just in the battlefields but smashing gender roles during the times. Inspired by this thought, Melorra has come up with The Warrior Collection. This is for the ‘Fighter within You.’ 

Be You- Designer’s Exhibit 

From Louis Vuitton to Gucci; Balmain, Acne Studios, and Loewe, the runways this season displayed a glamorous show of thigh-high boots, fancy headgear, and dresses with surprising elements like capes, drapes, and generous use of leather. 

Rick Owen’s designs engage in the generous use of Black-Gladiator Thigh High boots, the copious drape of the capes, and fierce make-up that exhibits rebellion and old gaze. Louis Vuitton and Gucci’s extensive use of fancy headgear is a reminder of the ancient armour used on the battlefields. 

Street style is more casual, adding fun elements of attire like khaki skirts and laced boots. 

Fashion From Your Favourite Celebs 

Most loved A-listers from Kylie Jenner, Doja Cat, Bella Hadid, Tara Sutaria, and Parineeti Chopra were spotted sporting this daring and fearless outlook with added glam. 

The Warrior-Inspired Collection For Your Day-To-Day Look 

This season, The Warrior Collection by Melorra celebrates the brave hearts of the centuries and the brave hearts of today who have fought silent wars in this world which has not been fair at all times. This casual collection in gold, diamonds and black enamel motifs is a dive into the modern-day resilience of female warriors. 

This season is all about the essence of the battles and strength brought to the forefront with the use of armour and weapon motifs, more so- the female warrior as a muse. The use of ninja shuriken, arrows, swords, and blades are all assembled in our jewellery collection which is nothing but dark, bold and unusual- all in gold, black enamel and diamonds. 

We have an exciting range of lightweight jewellery for your everyday accessory demand. Pair the pieces with your casual or work outfits- the collection embraces the latest global fashion trends while you are prepped to turn heads around. 

Let’s take a sneak peek into the fierce fighter collection: 

  1. The Pierce A Soul Gold Necklace designed with arrow motifs is an untamed neckpiece which you can pair with a high collar black shirt and gladiator boots.
    The Pierce A Soul Gold Necklace

  2. The Gladiator Gaze Pendant inspired by dagger motifs is a sure way to wear your savage attitude. Pair it with your everyday solid tank and blue jeans.
    The Gladiator Gaze Pendant


  3. Slay In Style Bangle is an arrowhead inspired bangle with multiple motifs. Make head turns!
    Slay In Style Bangle

  4. Stun the crowd with the Battle N Peace Gold Earring. Pair it with a leather piece from your wardrobe for maximum glamour.
    Battle N Peace Gold Earring

  5. The Heart Of A Warrioress Bracelet is a beautiful piece that can be paired with your LBD.
    The Heart Of A Warrioress Bracelet

  6. The Warrior Queen Ring in rhodium plating has an arrowhead inspired motif with diamond studs that can glam to any look.
    The Warrior Queen Ring

An indomitable spirit, courage, a fiery soul, one who refuses to succumb to norms is the essence of a warrior; if not a whole it’s a part of a warrior spirit.  

Melorra’s Latest jewellery collection hopes to inspire you to thrive and beat all odds. So, step up, wearing a piece of the warrior’s courageous spirit and add bold to your outlook. 

 You can also check out our other range here 

 Do let us know which warrior accessory is your favourite,  be yourself no matter what they say and #BeTheWarrior! 

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