Top 5 Gold Earrings Complementing Your Facial Structure #StyleGuide


Earrings for daily wear are not just jewellery, but they are a part of your personality too. You need to keep on trying till you find the right piece that suits your facial structure. The right piece of earrings can be all you need to accessorise and ace your look. So, we are here to ease the task as we have been the go-to stylists for our clients. So, this post will help you to know about matching the right earring which complements your face. Now, enough of the waiting, let’s get going!

Gold Earrings That Bring the Spotlight to “You”

Do you have an oval face? Well, you are in for luck, as it is one of the best face types on which earrings looks great! Let us suggest one of the best earrings that you could ever sport. You should choose the Flair Enough Gold Earrings. It looks cool and hip, complementing your oval face type. The earrings have a curved look with a cylindrical dangler that highlights your face and draws attention to your cheekbones.

These earrings could be paired with both casual and formal outfits. Also, with these hook on and move on earrings, you can stop worrying and carry them anywhere with you and wear them when you need.

Style Tips: Add a splash of chic to your ensemble with these classy Flair Enough Gold Earrings. These hook on and move on earrings can be paired up with a black satin blouse and skinny jeans for a formal chic work ensemble. For a more festive look, pair it up with a silk gown, beachy waves and a cute box clutch.



These faces resemble spheres in shape. Round faces look enhanced donning earrings with multiple danglers attached with some curvilinear shape. The inverted V-shaped motif geometrically suits the face while bringing a contrasting buffer with the fringes. Although Sway with Fray Earrings is not recommended for daily use, they can easily be paired with cocktail dresses and make you the talk of the evening. These are the perfect earrings for a round face.

However, if you are looking for earrings that will be suitable for your back-to-office look, then we have something for you as well.

Styling Tips: Fall in love with this trendy Sway with Fray Earrings. Pair it up with a bodycon dress, a clutch, heels and sleek hair, and turn heads at the next party. You can also team it up with a floral maxi dress and flats for your next lunch date with your bae.



If your face looks like a double curve from the centre of the head, then you have a heart-shaped face. The Curly Creepers Earrings are the best match for such a face type. It is always recommended that you keep your hair open and cut them in a fringe shape with the locks curving over your face in layers. If you wear the curly creepers with the flower motif, then you will certainly be able to woo the crowd in front of you. The look will surely enamour people, and you will certainly stand out from the crowd. These are gold earrings for everyday of the week.

Styling Tips: From dinner dates to client meetings, these versatile contemporary Curly Creepers Earrings will make you look gorgeous. These are gold earrings for every day of the week. Pair it up with a wrap dress, cute sling bag, a messy hairdo and stilettoes to complete your look. And, don’t forget that glossy pucker.



This face shape has a slender forehead, and the chin looks a bit heavier and suppler than the rest of the face. For this face type, you could try the Tulip Together Gold Earrings. Before we go deep into the literature and science of pairing the face type along with the earrings, we would like to mention that it is our pinnacle of craftsmanship at Melorra. These earrings are such a rage. You can wear them as daily wear earrings, but it is best suited for a regal or special moment.

If your hair is in a bob cut or tied in a loose bun, then these earrings would complement your look. Well, get a more comprehensive guide on matching your earring with your dress, and plan your look better.

Styling Tips: Dolling up for your bestie’s engagement? Tulip Together Gold Earrings is the perfect pick for you. Pair it up with a cocktail dress, an elegant loose bun, embellished clutch and heels for a sophisticated look. You can also pair it up with a pastel-shaded jumpsuit and messy bun for a chic look. Get a more comprehensive guide on matching your earring with your dress and plan your look better.



This face type match with any sort of jewellery. The reason behind this is that the face structure has symmetry and is so versatile that you can accessorise it with any latest design. Of course, contemporary designs go best but make sure the earrings for this face type have some sort of volume in them. So, we suggest the Dark Mallow Gold Earrings. However, if we would suggest the pop drop or jaunt jamboree; the fringe braid collection suits it closely. What do you have to say about it?

Styling Tips: While talking about an outfit that is universally flattering, the clear winner is our favourite LBD (little black dress). Be it a casual night out or a party, pair your favourite LBD with red lips, heels, a sleek hairdo and gold earrings.



To wrap up, hopefully, you now have an idea of the gold earrings for daily wear, suiting your facial structure and how to proceed.

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Happy Accessorising @Melorra!

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