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If you’re someone who loves to infuse global fashion-inspired elements into your outfits, you’re bound to have some contemporary pieces of gold jewellery in your collection. The elegant lightweight jewellery transforms any ensemble, giving it a delicate yet powerful aspect. Even while gold bangles are every woman’s weakness, other accessories like earrings, chains, and pendants also have their fan bases.

Gold bangles have remained a significant part of women’s everyday jewellery for a very long time. You can completely turn from ordinary to gorgeous irrespective of the clothing style with the unique collection of trendy gold bangles for daily use.

The next time you want to style with Melorra’s gold bangles, you’ll get some inspiration and confidence from these styling tips.

Gold Bangles

Classy and Trendy Gold Bangles for Channeling your Inner Diva

Top Knot Gold Bangle

Do you ever think of pairing a gold bangle with an evening gown? If not, then do try out this look; you will love it. Moreover, you can pair bold gold stud earrings with an off-shoulder black evening gown; which will make you appear chic and drop-dead gorgeous. The French bun will look stylish with this gown, and since you are wearing a black gown, a nude makeup will enhance your look.

Furthermore, you can also style these bangles with a floral wrap dress. If you wear two bangles on each wrist, then you will make a contemporary statement. They also have a touch of western elements without being overly so. When wearing a few bangles, you can always wear heavy necklace and earrings. All in all, these bangles offer a modern twist to the classic designs.

Top Knot Gold Bangle


Twines Of Faith Gold Bangles

Have you ever paired sneakers and bangles? If not, then take this as a hint to attempt it. Wear this stunning gold bracelet with a grey bodycon dress and some sneakers to make a statement. If you want to make a great impression, don’t forget to carry a stylish backpack and pair it with a gold watch.

Besides that, you can also put on a stack of beautifully polished gold bangles for daily use to add a fun element to your ensemble. In addition to a pair of jeans, they look wonderful with any shirt.

Simultaneously, you should know the process of measuring bangle size for better fit and a hassle-free buying experience.

Twines Of Faith Gold Bangles


Whimsical Mix Gold Bangles

This gold bangle is the paradigm of simplicity and sophistication. You can be yourself and look your best at all times when you dress in an A-line long dress. For hair, you can do a messy bun or a waterfall hairstyle. Keep a no-makeup look with this outfit, and you are good to go. Make a dress-to-kill statement by adding earrings with this outfit.

These bangles can be dressed up by adding a pair of heels or elegant shoes, or they can be taken down for a more casual look by pairing them with sneakers or sandals. Additionally, feel free to pair them with a unique statement ring to complete your outfit’s accessorising.

Moreover, check out Melorra’s collection of the week for more designs.

Whimsical Mix Gold Bangles


Hearty Knits Gold Bangles

Can you imagine how mesmerising your wrist would look if you wore a minimal gold round bangle? This bangle will look great as the finishing touch on a beautiful A-Line dress, crop top or maxi dress. Keep your hair open and complete your look with eyeliner, mascara and nude pink lipstick. This gold daily wear bangle, a flawless fusion of global trends and minimalism, has everything you need to spruce up your regular appearance. If you create your look in this way, then you will surely be the head-turner in the event you are going.

Hearty Knits Gold Bangles


Formal Tweed Gold Bangles

This is a yellow gold bangle with a houndstooth weave pattern and two triangular patterns in a mirror image. This sleek yellow gold bangle makes for a great base when styling outfits. You can pair it with a jumpsuit, midi dress, or even with a T-shirt. A half-hair-bun will look elegant  with these outfits. Create a wing/fox eyeliner with brown-tone lipstick. And that’s all you’ll need to slay the look.

However, do not forget to check the important bits before buying gold jewellery.

Formal Tweed Gold Bangles


Be a style icon

In addition to the bangles mentioned above, along with styling tips, you should experiment by creating various looks to see what works the best for you. You’ll love the warm glow of this precious metal no matter how you choose to wear gold jewellery.

Wearing whatever you love is an essential thing when it comes to wearing any form of jewellery. Gold bangles are at the top of the list of popular accessories. Even though fashion trends come and go, gold, however, never really goes out of style.

So, we’ve got the global-trending collections for you.

Embrace these trendy bangle collections and stay at the top of your game. You can look effortless by following the tips mentioned in this blog. You can also read our other write up on the rules of stacking up gold ornaments.

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