Top 10 Lightweight Gold Earrings to Style with a Western Outfit

Some peices of jewellery never goes out of style!!

That one accessory we cannot do without is Earrings! This has been a popular ornament for a long time now – We are talking about 7000 years!

The Antiquity of Gold 

Thanks to its Asian roots- sometimes the use of gold in any form of ornament was a sign of wealth or a high status in society. Buying gold was considered auspicious and an asset for life. Owning too much gold in any form was a symbol of opulence and prosperity in society.

                                         Traditional Heavy Gold Earrings

Revolution of Gold Jewellery: Changing Times! 

Nowadays, we know how a great piece of jewellery can add so much to the overall appearance. Not just in addition to an outfit but also to the face – it’s also important we know how ornaments can add a definition to the different face cuts, the neckline, and the outfit.  

                                            Evolution of Earrings

Sometimes, it’s the choices that define you! 

Traditions and roots will always have their place, but we all need a tango. Melorra is all about having access to jewellery you can wear everyday. Moreover, our collections focus on global trend-inspired jewellery ensuring there is never a dull moment.  

The best part is that every woman can wear gold whenever she wants to! Gold can create a style statement too! 

Bygones are Bygones! 

Let go of the days when it was just about a special occasion. Why not make everyday a special one? 🤔

Take a look at a few from the collection where we’ve handpicked the best that you can pair with your western wear and style your everyday.  

These lightweight gold earrings match your jeans, dress, and all your favourite western wear. Besides, these are comfortable, easy to carry, and super fashionable. 

                        Melorra’s Lightweight Gold Earrings

So, when you have your compliments collected, do let us know! 💓

Read on to find the list of top 10 gold earrings that you can pair with your western dresses: 

  1. Let the gems be a part of your daily wear, add the extra spice to a mundane basic white T-shirt by pairing it with the Inked Prints Gemstone Earrings. Experience the overall style change in a jiffy!
                   Inked Prints Gemstone Earrings

  2.  Hoops are a classic! These Hooped Away Gold Earrings with English locks are a simple pick for all your graphic T-shirts, baggy jeans and a pair of lovely sneakers looks.
                  Hooped Away Gold Earrings


  3.  Twin Tassels Gold Earrings are beautiful lightweight gold earrings and an ideal piece that has an extra vibe to it. These Gold Stud Earrings from our Tassel Collection go best with a low-cut top or a casual dress.
                         Twin Tassels Gold Earrings

  4.  The Bohemian Basics Gold Earrings from the Boho Chic Collection is a pretty Gold Drop Earring. The drop effect in the piece goes well with a low-cut neckline or anytime you want to highlight your collar bones. Style it the way you want to!
                   Bohemian Basics Gold Earrings 

  5. Fall in love with the White Ibis Gemstone Earrings, it is going to be your absolute favourite as you match them with anything black/white and it will brighten up your day looks. Try these, pair with a white/black/maroon dress on a vacation, or with a white/black shirt, to your office. 
               White Ibis Gemstone Drop Earrings

  6.  The Sparkling Strands Diamond Chandelier Earrings are a great addition to your wardrobe. The origin of these large dangling styles featuring a base enhanced with diamonds or other precious stones (here, diamonds!) was in the Middle East, Greece and India. Pair these Diamond Drop Earrings with a blazer for maximum effect.
                Sparkling Strands Chandelier Earrings


  7.  Pearls are must-haves for anyone. These pair of Pearl Saga Gemstone Drop Earrings can be paired with a floral dress or a striped patterned outfit. 
                          Pearl Saga Gemstone Drop Earrings

  8. You can never go wrong with the Shy Lily Earrings. These have an exaggerated dangling lily motif and showcase a definite statement look.
                           Shy Lily Earrings

  9. The Link O Bop Gold Earrings are simple dangling shoulder dusters, but see how they can match the outfit! Pair these earrings with your short summer dresses.
                            Link O Bop Gold Earrings

  10.  And yet, last but not the least, this cute pair of studs from our Animal Collection has a bird design. Whenever you want to add a quick accessory to your outfit and want to be comfortable, just grab these Bright Flight Gold Earrings!

                                       Bright Flight Earrings

 So when you thought gold might not be an option for your western outfit, our collection breaks the monotony of heavy gold. Why not make them yours and pair them up with your jeans, shirt, or any dress. Go ahead and pick the ones you love. 

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                       Global Fashion Trend
                        Sea Fairy Gold Earrings 

Do let us know which one you loved the most! 😍

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