Uplift Your Party Styles With Our Ultra Violet Jewellery Collection! #TrendAlert

Uplift your party styles with our Ultra Violet Jewellery Collection! #TrendAlert

“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else” – Iris Apfel


Colors have a language of their own. They emote, express and have the potential to sway your mood. Staring deep into the cool blue sky/ocean or walking among luscious greenery can bring about a sense of calmness in you. 


The warm twinkly lights, the hue of red and orange brings about a zeal often associated with celebrations and festivities.


So when you want to take a break and chill, create a curation of cool colors like blue, green, and purple around you.


It is no surprise that after two years riddled with fear and anxiety owing to the pandemic, the pantone color of the year is ultraviolet. A colour with a cool undertone that is historically associated with power, revolution and activism.


Melorra’s newest collection The Ultra Violet Collection is inspired by the color of the year, and offers a range of diamond and amethyst gemstone jewellery apt for your next gala!


Power away in the Ultraviolet Way: Designer’s Exhibit

From Versace to Chanel, Raf Simons to Bronx & Banco, all designers showcase a range of purple clad models strutting the runway. Although the design concepts ranged from chic casuals to sophisticated party to extravagant, the mood of the theme remained synonymous with individualistic and bold.

About The Ultra Violet Collection

Capturing the pulse of the AW22 runways, this Ultra Violet Collection showcases a standout range of partywear jewellery. Inspired by the bold and nonconformist vibe of the color purple, Melorra brings you an exclusive collection that combines the elegance of diamonds and brilliance amethyst stones.

Add some dazzle to your evening occasions with this pendant. Style with a satin slip dress, diamond bracelet, studs and let the night unfold. This high polish yellow gold pendant has an amethyst gemstone in a bezel setting surrounded by a circle of multiple rhodium-plated triangular motifs studded with diamonds in a pave setting. The pendant dangles from a high polish finish inverted triangular motif.

Shimmer a little brighter in your sequin ensembles with this bracelet. Style with a sleek bun, diamond danglers and a matching baguette. This high polish yellow gold bracelet has two amethyst gemstones surrounded by multiple rhodium-plated triangular motifs in a semi-circular arc studded with diamonds in a pave setting. Multiple high-polish finish triangular motifs are placed on the parallel cable chains. It has a fish lock for fastening.

Embrace your feminine power and be the star of the soiree in this necklace. Style it with an off-shoulder dress or a corset top. This high polish yellow gold necklace has an amethyst gemstone in a bezel setting at the center with multiple rhodium-plated curved trapezoid motifs around it, studded with diamonds in a pave setting. Four rhodium-plated curved triangular motifs are placed on either side of the cable chain.

Let your ears do the talking with these diamond danglers. Pair it with a turtle top, fitted skirt and high boots. This pair of high polish yellow gold rhodium-plated dangler earrings have a kite-shaped motif encrusted with diamonds in a pave setting and a rhombic amethyst gemstone in the bezel setting on it. The motif dangles from another rhombic design studded with diamonds in a similar setting.

This ring is the cherry to all your cakes. Yes, pair with your party outfit as a finishing touch to your looks. This high polish yellow gold finger ring has a rhombic amethyst gemstone in the bezel setting at the centre of another rhodium-plated rhombical motif studded with diamonds in a pave setting.

Celebs take the Very Peri way!

Shanaya Kapoor, Urvashi Rautela, and Kangana Ranaut take on the regal purple in shimmery gowns and sequin clad outfits. Meanwhile in the far west Dua Lipa and Camila Mendes go for muted looks. Mindy Kaling and Teyana Taylor graced the Met Gala in charming, elegant flowing gowns.

So go on, pick your favourite piece and stopper at your next soiree! Liberate the bold feminine goddess within you and tame the evening. 

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