What You Missed Last Autumn Winter 18/19! #Fashion

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While we’re gearing up for the Spring Summer 2019/20, we’re catching up on fashion trends and checking out the carry forwards in the new season. With new design researches going on in our studio, you can feel the energy in the air!

As the runways around the world explore the new angle of fashion and inspirations, there’s a certain overlap. While some patterns and designs make a comeback, there are a few carry forwards too. As the likes of scarf print and fringes continue into the new fashion season, international designers are ready to flaunt them in a new light.

Looking through the Spring Summer collections, we’re feeling a little nostalgic about the trends that made it big last season. Giving us new fashion goals and flaunting our edgy sides, Autumn Winter 2018/19 was all about showing off. From being OTT with statement bows and neon shades to black-based-bouquet of flowers and knife pleats, there was a style for everyone.

Before we begin our siege on the Spring Summer 2019/20 season, we’re rounding up our Autumn Winter 2018/19 inspirations for you to look through. From edgy designs with gemstones, flowers with pastel enamel shades, to renditions of blue and dangling diamonds, it was definitely a vogue of fine jewellery. So if you’ve missed some of our collections, here’s what inspired our designers last season!

The Tweed Collection

‘Prim and proper, but with a quirky accent’, is exactly what Tweed was all about last season. With a funky yet chic personality, the trend was all about supersized silhouettes and shape-shifting swagger.

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The Twill Drill Gold Ring

The Bow Collection

Fashion is all in the details! And the big bow trend was a true testament to that. Statement bows have given #OOTDgoals a whole new meaning. This extravagant trend has a familiar air of ease and flamboyance about it and probably that’s the reason why it’s making a comeback! In all its bravada we must say!

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Knot Trot Gold Danglers

The Fluo Neon Collection

Get ready for an explosion of colours – for fashion this A/W 2018/19 season, had gotten outrageously bright! Colours to flaunt – punchy pink, vivid green, big bright yellow & tangerine orange with a fluorescent pop!

gold jewellery
The Heart Apart Gold Fashion Chain

The Animal Print Collection

All the animal print lovers out there – This one is for you! Luxe leopard, snazzy snakeskin, stripy zebra and roaring tiger motifs were the season’s fashion wild cards. It was literally a jungle out there and there was no escaping this multitude of animal-pattern.

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Tiger Point Gemstone Bracelet

The Scarf Print Collection

Bringing in the much-needed dose of colour to the runways, scarf print was a fashion connoisseur’s ode to the British monarch’s romance with the silk scarfs. So, for maximum style points, get set and layer up, from scarfs on turtlenecks to clash of prints and pile-on.

gold jewellery
Chain Domain Gold Pendant

The Knife Pleats Collection

For pleats, the Autumn Winter 2018/19, unorthodox coordinates, unusual colour mixes and unexpected folds were the name of the game. This timeless trend got an awe-inspiring makeover and this collection is all about that!

gold jewellery
Groovy Folds Gold Bangle

The Denim-on-Denim Collection

Denim made a solid comeback to the ramps, runways and red carpets, but with tailored elegance. This only goes to prove what Elio Fiorucci once said, “Denim is a love that never fades”

Gemstone jewellery gemstone danglers gold danglers gold jewellery gold rings
Wild Blue Yonder Danglers & Ring

The Flower Bouquet Collection

Florals found their entry into AW 2018-19 trend list with their bigger, brighter and bolder appeal. The trend was loud, super vivid and against a dark background for effect. The flow, feel and pattern of the fabric and print presents a classy quality.

gold jewellery enamel jewellery enamel studs enamel earrings
Bertyl Bloom Enamel Studs

The Fringe Shimmer Collection

Fringe is all about shimmer, sway & sass! And, Gucci’s addition of diamond strands and tassels on apparels & shoes is the apt descriptor of this trend. Every strand has a story and every fringe is individually fabulous!

diamond jewellery diamond earrings
Dangle Triangle Bracelet & Looped Fringe Diamond Danglers

The Disco Sequin Collection

Many fashion commentators called this trend a glimmer in the dark. With so much glum in the world today, fashion has done its bit by offering an explosive share of shimmer, shine and hope! Which clearly explained the mantra for the season – The Glitzier, The Better!

gold jewellery
Disco Drama Gold Necklace

So while you check out our Autumn winter 2018/19 inspirations and collections, we’ll be concocting something fresh and new in our studios. Stay tuned to see what is inspiring us in this new season and all the trends you don’t want to miss out on!

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What You Missed Last Autumn Winter 18/19! #Fashion
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What You Missed Last Autumn Winter 18/19! #Fashion
What You Missed Last Autumn Winter 18/19! #Fashion
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