10 Diamonds For Your #WFH Casuals! #StyleItUp

Work from home is the new thing in and we’ve all settled to it. While clothing became more casual or well, dressed up at the top, we’ve done it all! So isn’t it time that we add something more to it? Especially Diamonds!

We’ve been cooped up in our homes for a while now, and gosh, we’ve hit boredom, a few times at least! And while PJs is the clothing of choice, it really doesn’t brighten up our day. And not just clothes, our accessories haven’t seen the light of day either! Wearing those same gold earrings since forever… or just none at all. There’s basically no in-between!

So let’s get rid of this mood now, shall we? Wash away your blues with a totally ‘ready-for-anything’ look! Even if it’s paired up with your work casuals or party casuals, you can always play along with your diamond jewellery and experiment with some new ways of styling. Jazz up your mood with a little fun Friday vibe even if it’s a work zoom call or a zoom party with your friends!

Here are some diamond jewellery ideas you can try your hand at! 

#1. The Check Choice Diamond ring to pair with your checked shirts!

#2. Petit-o-Pretty Diamond Studs for a little flower power that matches to lift up your mid-week blues!

#3. The Brave N Blanc Diamond Pendant to match with your pastels & also prove as a great source of inspiration!

#4. The Lace Line Up Diamond Bangle to bling up your Monday morning Zoom calls!

#5. Check Choice Diamond Studs to match all your flowy dresses for just a weekend dress-up

#6. The Sporty Formals Diamond bracelet to add a little colour to that black outfit!

#7. The Power Play Diamond hoops to add both style and confidence to your meeting day

#8. The Lace Broderie Diamond Ring for those Friday night online parties you’re going to attend. Especially when you have a cocktail glass in your hand!

#9. The Tartan Heart Diamond pendant that’ll add the perfect bling to all your clothing necklines. Also goes from day to night with ease!

#10. Boteh Bedazzled Diamond necklace for all your V-necks. Rompers or spaghetti tops, it’s the ideal add-on!

So let your blues out the door and bring in the inspiration! Pick up the diamond that matches your style and make your own WFH stories! Or a Zoom party one! 

Check out our entire diamond collection here!

Have diamond needs, but a lot of questions? You can reach out to our customer care at 7829000052 via call or Whatsapp!

10 Diamonds For Your #WFH Casuals! #StyleItUp
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10 Diamonds For Your #WFH Casuals! #StyleItUp
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