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Budget-Friendly Diamonds Under 20k!

‘Shine bright like a diamond’ or ‘shine on me crazy diamond’, there’s a diamond song that we all love. So why shouldn’t we adore jewellery too?! Diamonds have been the talk of the town (and even music) since forever. And more than that, they’ve been a part of every woman’s dream too! We all have that one diamond that we’ve fallen for and imagined ourselves wearing it. Something that maybe we bought for ourselves or one that was a gift! That doesn’t change the diamond stance! But but but… why should diamonds be only dreamt about? Diamond jewellery is no longer just a dream or a part of our bucket list! But right here, in our budget and even more so, ready for our wardrobes! Gone are the days when diamond jewellery was of the traditional kind and not really suitable for everyone, diamonds are now for everyone! Without making…

10 Diamonds For Your #WFH Casuals! #StyleItUp

Work from home is the new thing in and we’ve all settled to it. While clothing became more casual or well, dressed up at the top, we’ve done it all! So isn’t it time that we add something more to it? Especially Diamonds! We’ve been cooped up in our homes for a while now, and gosh, we’ve hit boredom, a few times at least! And while PJs is the clothing of choice, it really doesn’t brighten up our day. And not just clothes, our accessories haven’t seen the light of day either! Wearing those same gold earrings since forever… or just none at all. There’s basically no in-between! So let’s get rid of this mood now, shall we? Wash away your blues with a totally ‘ready-for-anything’ look! Even if it’s paired up with your work casuals or party casuals, you can always play along with your diamond jewellery and experiment…

9 Handpicked Festive Jewellery By Our Top Designer #Musthaves

The pressure is mounting! The need to bring out the fashion A-game is ON! But, as a Melorra Woman, you got nothing to worry. Just sit back and read! We’ve handpicked the best of the season’s gold, diamond, gemstones and enamel jewellery for you. Ones that are not only uber fashionable, perfect for your festive ensemble, plus pocket-friendly. Here’s What We Did! We love to spoil you with jewellery choices. But, with five new festive collections, the choices can get confusing. So, we got our top designer Deepshikha Gupta to pick top 10 must-have jewellery that you should lay your hands on this season. So, go on and check out the list. These jewellery picks are the best of the lot. It will help you stay fashionable, stay on your budget and will set the festive tone! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself! #1. High on fashion, low…