10 Jewellery Designs for Women who are #GroovinEveryday

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What the enchantress wants, the enchantress gets!

In today’s hustle-bustle, become unstoppable. Never doubt your value and power; instead, fight your battles like the hero you are. Sometimes, if things don’t go right, do not wish for a miracle because you are MAGIC. For the badass with a good heart, the soft-spoken with a strong attitude, and the unapologetically honest, this women’s day, we bring a whole new collection of jewellery to celebrate women from all walks of life.

This season is all about being bold and looking bolder.

So, speak your mind, lead the team, work hard and party harder, become a dominatrix and gain ultimate power.

Step out in style and take charge with Melorra’s new Dominatrix Collection and bring out the enchantress in you.

#1 Don’t look back with killer Dominatrix Trysts Gold Earrings

Gold earring
Dominatrix Trysts Gold Earrings


#2 Never stop grooving with Untamed Stunner Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings
Untamed Stunner Diamond Earrings


#3 Rule and bind them all with Tempt O Trysts Gold Ring

Gold ring
Tempt O Trysts Gold Ring


#4 Explore your mysteries and create histories with Edgy Enigma Gold Necklace

Gold necklace
Edgy Enigma Gold Necklace


#5 Marked from the moment with Born To Rule Gold Bracelet

Gold bangle
Born To Rule Gold Bracelet

#6 Inspire hope and keep the fire burning with Dragon Queen Gold Earrings

Gold earrings
Dragon Queen Gold Earrings

#7 Leave a trail of sparkle with Untamed Stunner Diamond Studs

Diamond studs
Untamed Stunner Diamond Stud Earrings


#8 Hold your pride and determination with Daunting Dreams Gold Pendant

Gold pendant
Daunting Dreams Gold Pendant


#9 Flaunt the curves and take charge with Domme Dynasty Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet
Domme Dynasty Diamond Bracelet


#10 Flaunt your power with Corseted Chic Gold Drop Earrings

Gold Drop Earrings
Corseted Chic Gold Drop Earrings


This season, go wild. Be the trailblazer or the glass smasher, create looks that match your personality, and set the ramp on fire.

Melorra’s latest jewellery collection hopes to inspire you to thrive and beat all odds.

Keep up the good fight and explore our entire collection here!
10 Jewellery Designs for Women who are #GroovinEveryday
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10 Jewellery Designs for Women who are #GroovinEveryday
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