SS22: The 90s Fashion Mixtape! #TrendAlert

Big Babool, FRIENDS, The Walkman, Tetris, Britney Spears, tank tops, Jetsons….Any guesses as to what we’re talking about?

It’s the 90s!

The 90s have made a comeback this Spring Summer 2022 with nothing short of nostalgic moments (says I, with tears in my eyes). As per my calculations, all 90s kids have moved on, inching at or moving towards 30s. That has its own dilemma, straight up un-believability and just a tad bit of sadness (if I’m being modest). However, with fashion taking us down memory lane, we’re truly revisiting our wardrobe, music, movies and everything else in between.

Quick Question…Was I the only one rewinding cassettes with pencils?

The Tank Top Era

In Monica’s words, ‘an era is defined as a significant period of time’ and fashion that decade had a style inspo like no other. From high-waist jeans, mini-skirts, checkered everything, hairbands, jackets around the waist, and even overalls, nothing said casuals like the 90s.


While Hollywood gave us numerous takeaways, one person we all remember pretty clearly is Keanu Reeves (thanks, Speed). On the other hand, blockbusters like Pulp Fiction, Titanic, Pretty Woman (NO ONE owned culottes like Julia Roberts), and Clueless had us all sitting on the edge of our seats. Those notes are still on point, by the way. From Victorian-era hats and dresses to mini-skirts and tank tops to fall for, the 90s presented us with a style range that created the very essential bits of our wardrobe.

IC: Pinterest @ Friends

If Hollywood was on a trip, Bollywood wasn’t far behind with their own 90s versions. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the quintessentially 90s film, had blended the west and east world perfectly. While Rani Mukherjee’s mini-skirts & strappy dresses were the essences of all-things-America, Kajol’s overalls, thick hairbands, sweatshirts, and denim hollered the Indian basics of every tween.

IC: Pinterest @ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

On the Ramps

Minimalist style, sleek silhouettes and a little provocativeness, if the movies weren’t corroborating those facts enough, the music industry was there to help. From Britney Spears, Madonna for a little slink-fling to Alanis Morissette and Green Day, who added grunge element to the era, there were Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, ready to set up the expression for every mood.

In case you’re feeling a little nostalgic like I have been feeling, here’s a playlist to take you back in time.

Here’s a cool TV thing that we found online to explore.

XOXO 90s

Although the 90s is known as the ‘less flashy’ decade after the 80s, there was never a dull moment. The runways this season focused on the ‘less is more’ approach of the 90s, where the basics played a crucial role in individualism. While Chanel took a bathing suit approach with slinky see-throughs, accessories and leather, Lacoste had a more unisex vibe to its collection. A little sporty and easy-to-wear, it was a blend of necessity, sleek, comfy and being 90s.

Marques Almeida’s collection showcased a range of colours in bold to tie-dye format. When there’s a solid, why need anything else? With breezy silhouettes, the comfy 90s vibe was hard to miss. Talking about ‘trippy’ styles, Atlein’s collection wasn’t far behind. With short crops, slit skirts, tie-dyed clothing, and leather, the brand brought out the bright, eccentricity of the era.

Miu Miu’s idea of a new work norm was evident in their collection of chopped off cable knit sweaters, mini within a mini-skirt and low-strung skirts. With a layering elan of the 90s matched with the pandemic glitch, the collection showcased the dawn of the exotic.

Minimalist 90s

The buzz of the collection was in the air and evident even through a Teams call. The 90s being the topic of discussion, everyone went back to their childhood, and we couldn’t stop chattering about the days gone by. Nostalgia brings on a whole other excitement, doesn’t it?

Tanya, a part of Melorra’s design team, had us glued to our seats, viewing the very element of our past wardrobes. And we all agreed on one thing, some of those elements continue to define our style and be a part of our wardrobe. Now that’s a power we all loved.

90s is such a period of love. Brands weren’t that big for a teen then, but watching SRK on TV with Rani Mukherjee and Kajol, gave us serious outfit goals. Maybe mini-skirt wasn’t going to be crucial, but overall, oh man! I’m pretty sure every girl in my group owned one!” Shruti, Marketing Team

“I remember dancing to Britney Spears and being totally in awe of her stage presence, a little jaw-dropped with her outfits (of course), but totally loving it! And who doesn’t remember Celine Dion with that iconic song?! So many cassettes, and me singing around the house… Pretty sure I made everyone deaf. No regrets!” Mahima, Design Team

As the collection dropped in, we were all set to see, style and love each piece. Going the minimalist way, the designer ensured that the jewellery was as everyday and casual as the outfits themselves.

“Spring-Summer 2022 sets a cool n’ casual mood with its latest 90s obsession! From slip dresses and spaghetti straps to scrunchies and baby tees, get ready to dive into the spirit of Madonna, Spice Girls & Britney Spears. Inspired by the classic yet trendy minimalism of the era, we’ve created a range in gold and diamonds. With the edge of simple yet sleek motifs, it’s the look that encapsulates the 90s to its core.” Tanya, Designer.

Designer Moodboard

So get ready to step into the 90s with the Minimalist 90s collection!

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