10 Jewellery Pieces for Your Winter Closet! #styling

The season of jackets, turtle necks and all thing woolen is still undergoing and we’re all about layering ourselves! With sweaters, full sleeve clothing and even toques for some regions, accessorizing is certainly not on our minds. However, we’re of the opinion that there’s style in winter too! Especially jewellery.

Questions like ‘what’s the point’, ‘nothing is visible’, ‘can we really?’ are all popping up in our minds. While winter is supposed to be all about dark colours and broody weather, it’s not necessary that we see it like that! With the changing fashion and updated trends, even winter is about being bright and flaunting your very own style. Inspired by the fashion, we choose to add this logic to our accessories too!

When our aim is to be cosy and comfortable with clothing, a certain bling add-on is sure to gather attention. Complementing your winter clothing, we’re suggesting additions of fine jewellery – because gold is surely going to make you stand out! A contrasting shade that will brighten up your clothing as well as your mood, here’s what we recommend:

Finger Sleeve Rings

We all love rings. Though with full sleeves (and even longer ones) there’s hardly room to show off anything on your hand. So while you are warm in your woollen clothing, try on finger sleeve rings which are comfortable yet noticeable. Attached with a sling chain in the centre, this gold piece will definitely add on some style points.

gold jewellery
Button & Thread Gold Ring

Bangle Stacks

When there are turtlenecks involved, there’s always room for some wrist accessories! Bring out the shine of gold by stacking up bangles that are sleek, light-weight and definitely apt for a work-to-fun day. We know the need for an everyday accessory and we make sure that’s exactly what you have! Whether it’s with a solid colour or a pretty print, a sleek gold bangle or banglet is sure to jazz up those Friday pair-ups!

gold jewellery
The Coin Club & Webbed Wonder Gold Bangles


Gold Studs for Those Scarf Pairings

On those chilly days, sometimes we need more than a high neck – it’s the inclusion of scarves and stoles. Creating a contrast colour combination or adding a little colour block, a scarf not only creates a statement but also adds on a graceful layer to your ensemble. A subtle addition to your ensemble, gold studs will give that little extra that was missing before. With our trend inspired designs and light-weight gold earrings, you’ll definitely be asked about your shopping destinations!

gold jewellery gold earrings
Bow Baroque Gold Studs
gold jewellery
The Purrfect Potion Gold Studs

Sleek Bracelets

When there are wrist accessories in question, bracelets are those flexible pieces that are easily stackable. With sweatshirts and extended sleeves being a part of the trend and also winter closet choices, there’s all the more reason to include multiple bracelets. Creating a bling effect and a perfect addition to your casual day outs, let your wrist be the talking point of the evening!

gold jewellery
The Glow Show Gold Bracelet

Necklets for All Necklines

Instead of adding an OTT necklace, this is the season to be subtle and yet sophisticated with all your fine jewellery. With simple chains and intricately done centrepieces, this accessory will contain the right amount of bling to dazzle up your clothing. So while you pick up dark colour clothing for the season, add on a hint of gold to jazz up!

gold jewellery
Peek-a-boo Gold Necklace

Pendants for Punctuation

From high-necks to boat-necks to V-necks and cowl ones, a pendant necklace is sure to suit them all. Even in the winter! If you’re looking to pair up with a jacket for those Friday plans with friends, a pendant necklace is all the accessory you need, whilst staying cosy!

gold jewellery
Glow Getter Gold Pendant

Stack Rings for a Little Bling!

If you prefer minimal jewellery for your winter wardrobe, the easiest method is to don multiple rings on one hand. You can choose to divide them between different fingers or wear multiple together in one, the choice is yours! And unless you’re planning to wear gloves, apt for all your outing plans! And in case you’re looking for a little more bling, just wear a sleek diamond ring and you’ll be ready to shine through the night.

gold jewellery
Mills & Miles Gold Ring
diamond jewellery
Looped Fringe Diamond Ring

Shoulder Dusters to Jazz Up

When there’s a question of evening plans or dance nights, you can’t wait for the night to arrive. However, the options get a little limiting during the winter season, where you have to choose between cold and style. Now that’s a debate we’re all looking to win! So while you take out your boots to pair up with that dress, accessorize with shoulder duster earrings that’ll put you straight into the spotlight! After all, that was the purpose!

gold danglers
The Groovy Folds Gold Shoulder Dusters

So while you read through and find your perfect winter accessory, there are heaps of options that are not only light-weight and easy-to-wear, but also 10 on 10 whereas fashion is concerned. Choose to be the trendsetter in your group with subtle additions of gold, stones or colour!

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10 Jewellery Pieces for Your Winter Closet! #styling
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10 Jewellery Pieces for Your Winter Closet! #styling
10 Jewellery Pieces for Your Winter Closet! #styling
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