10 Jewellery Pieces from the Designer Boards! #musthaves

 Starting out from the global ramps and runways, the fashion world starts preparing for its new trend season. From prepping up their concepts to mood boards to the final collection – there’s a whole lot of love, passion, enthusiasm and sentiment involved. And our designer couldn’t agree more.

Whether it is about clothing, shoes, hats or jewellery, there’s a trend involved for one and all. With the world moving towards fast fashion, there’s all the more reason to stay updated with the trend we love and pair them up in our style. After all, wearing your heart (or personality) on your sleeve is the new testament. And after clothes, come in accessories – which never go out of style. For example, this year’s Spring Summer trend brought the beachy straw hats out of our closets and onto the ramps again – without missing a beat!

Just like clothing, we at Melorra, are all about keeping you up-to-date with your fashion trends – Precious jewellery wise. After clothing, shoes, handbags and even straw hats! – Why should we miss out on the jewellery section? With costume jewellery available in all colours and variety (and also price), we know it’s difficult to pick up anything else instead. Though we also know that costume jewellery doesn’t work for all occasions. With easy damages, unclean finishes and no surety of metal used, there are quite a few downsides. Hence, our team of designer believes in creating fine jewellery that is easy-to-handle, light-weight, in trend and even affordable too.

While our team of designer have been busy researching and working on the Spring-Summer 2019 season, there are some obvious favourites they like to go back to. As they work forward with the different trends of the season, there are always a few pieces that come quite close to their hearts. Collecting their favoured fine jewellery pieces, here’s a peek into what our designers love!

#1. The Flor Bonica Gold Necklace from our Flower Bouquet Collection

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

#2. The Solar Plisat Gold Bracelet from our Knife Pleats Collection

gold jewellery

#3. The Rhyme N Ruffle Gold Hoops from our All Dolled Up Collection

gold jewellery

#4. The Bow Vow Gold Bangle from our Bow Collection

gold jewellery

#5. The Lily Trilogy Gold Studs from our Scarf Print Collection

gold jewellery gold earrings

#6. The Black Panther Gemstone Necklace from our Animal Print Collection

gemstone jewellery gold jewellery

#7. The Chill Frill Gold Danglers from our Spring Summer Collectiongold jewellery gold earrings

#8. The Belts N Buckles Gold Necklace from our Modern Safari Collection

gold jewellery

#9. The So Lit Enamel Ring from our Fluo Neon Collection

gold jewellery gold ring

#10. The Classic Clasps Gold Danglers from our Spring Summer Collection

gold jewellery

So pick up one of our designer’s picks and you can be sure that it’ll be the talk of the evening! Whether it is a casual day out with your peeps or a work thing or an evening wear get-up, we’re sure that these pieces would fit in with ease. 

Check out our entire Spring Summer Collection here!

10 Jewellery Pieces from the Designer Boards! #musthaves
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10 Jewellery Pieces from the Designer Boards! #musthaves
10 Jewellery Pieces from the Designer Boards! #musthaves
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