10 Pendant + Necklets You Gotta Get Your Sister! #rakshabandhan

We love fashion as much as we love all the independent, modern women out there! That’s why, with 6 new jewellery designs every single day, we like to spoil our fashionistas (just like your sisters) with on-trend pendant choices.

But, since it’s Raksha Bandhan, and it’s your turn to pick a gift for your fabulous sister, we have listed out fashion-inspired and latest-in-trend pendant jewellery options for you to pick as gifts.

In the last couple of weeks, we listed ten bracelets and gave you a rundown of 12 studs earrings you can gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan. So, following suit, now we bring to you a combo-list of pendants and necklets.

Looking for something super cute yet affordable, opt for a pendant. Feeling a lil’ extravagant, pick a necklets. Either way, your sister will love the thoughtful gift, and since it’s in gold, will get to cherish it for a lifetime.

Don’t believe us? Look at the options yourself:

#1. Lure of Venture Pendant From Our SS’18 Leaves collection.

gift gold pendant

#2 Triple Scoop Pendant from our SS’18 Gelato Pastels Collection.gift gold pendant

#3. The Spangle-Triangle Pendant from our Dainty Diamonds Collection

gift gold pendant

#4 The Sixsome Pendant from the SS’18 from The White Edge Collection

#5 The Sangria Twirl Pendant from our Burgundy Collection

gift gold pendant

Now that we’ve given you five pendants option, let’s take it a notch higher and list out necklaces that you can pick from.

#1 The Mauve Lite Necklace from the SS 18′ Lavender Collection

gift gold pendant

#2 The Pastel Sundae Necklace from the SS18′ Gelato Pastels Collection

#3 The OTT Toss Necklace from the SS18′ Fringe Collection

gift gold pendant

#4 The Polygon Ruse Necklace from our SS18′ The White Edge Collection

gift gold pendant

#5 The Criss-over-cross necklace from our New Pearl Collection


Yes, we’ve made it that easy! Just pick the jewellery that fits your pocket and we guarantee you’ll turn into a rockstar bro, instantly!

To shop for pendants Click Here, and for necklaces Click Here.

10 Pendants + Necklets You Gotta Get Your Sister! #rakshabandhan
Article Name
10 Pendants + Necklets You Gotta Get Your Sister! #rakshabandhan
10 Pendants + Necklets You Gotta Get Your Sister! #rakshabandhan
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