10 Pendants For Self-Love! #SummerShopping

This Summer, pamper yourself with some self-love! Gift a little something to yourself that says ‘You’re the best’ or ‘You’ve done it’ or even ‘Dream’ like nothing else. Because, why not?! And when it comes to something cute, unique and equally beautiful to say “I love myself”, what could be better than a pendant that’s […]

8 Gorgeous Pendants to Pick Right Away! #melorra

Gold Pendant Melorra.com

The celebration continues¬† at Melorra! The wedding season together with the start of endless year-ender parties will set the tone for a festive month and weekends! So, are you ready and stocked with your fashion finds? Not yet? Here, let us fix that for you. Starting with statement pendants that make for a fashionable accessory […]