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10 Pendants For Self-Love! #SummerShopping

This Summer, pamper yourself with some self-love! Gift a little something to yourself that says ‘You’re the best’ or ‘You’ve done it’ or even ‘Dream’ like nothing else. Because, why not?! And when it comes to something cute, unique and equally beautiful to say “I love myself”, what could be better than a pendant that’s perfect for you? That speaks to your style and becomes your everyday fashion statement! With our numerous collections and ‘n’ number of pendants to choose from, you’ll love every piece and keep it wish-listed, you know, for future “self-love”. 😉 And that’s a promise! Choosing closely from this universe of light-weight, easy to wear, easy to handle and 100% authentic fine gold jewellery, here are the top 10 pieces for this season! Check out these Top 10 Must-Have Pendants you should own. #1. The Elegant Boho Gold Pendant to go with all elegant casual attires!…

8 Gorgeous Pendants to Pick Right Away! #melorra

The celebration continues  at Melorra! The wedding season together with the start of endless year-ender parties will set the tone for a festive month and weekends! So, are you ready and stocked with your fashion finds? Not yet? Here, let us fix that for you. Starting with statement pendants that make for a fashionable accessory without burning a hole in your pockets, we’ve lined up 8 of the best and most versatile gold, diamonds, gemstones and enamel pendant to you to pick. If you’re a lover of everything minimal, gold pendants must be your go-to accessory! This precious jewellery can be added to a necklet, coupled with a pair of danglers and teamed up with that cocktail dress you’ve been dying to flaunt. Wear your pendants with a pair of gold studs to add a hint of panache to your workwear. And if you’re thinking you can’t pair them for those…

10 Pendant + Necklets You Gotta Get Your Sister! #rakshabandhan

We love fashion as much as we love all the independent, modern women out there! That’s why, with 6 new jewellery designs every single day, we like to spoil our fashionistas (just like your sisters) with on-trend pendant choices. But, since it’s Raksha Bandhan, and it’s your turn to pick a gift for your fabulous sister, we have listed out fashion-inspired and latest-in-trend pendant jewellery options for you to pick as gifts. In the last couple of weeks, we listed ten bracelets and gave you a rundown of 12 studs earrings you can gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan. So, following suit, now we bring to you a combo-list of pendants and necklets. Looking for something super cute yet affordable, opt for a pendant. Feeling a lil’ extravagant, pick a necklets. Either way, your sister will love the thoughtful gift, and since it’s in gold, will get to cherish it for…