5 Diamond Rings to Style With Your Workwear!

Life keeps throwing stones at me and I keep finding the diamonds

——–Ana Claudia Auntunes

The wave of westernization and binge-worthy Hollywood Rom Coms would have us convinced that a diamond ring is synonymous with an engagement ring. 

Nevertheless, times have changed and we are happy to welcome the winds of change. Gone are the days when that sparkly diamond on your finger was a promise from your betrothed!

An Everlasting Diamond Ring!

Diamond rings serve more than the purpose of a promise. It is an everyday accessory that elevates your look, with just a touch of elegance. 

It can be a token of self-love as we hustle, and fight for our dreams. They can double up as your sidekick while you nail that presentation, or be a patient friend that helps get through exhausting work calls/meetings. It can act as your pick-me-up for those drawn-out workdays. 

At Melorra, we like to stay ahead of the change, and so we bring you a range of diamond rings for work/casual wear inspired by global fashion trends.

Add a little sparkle to your fingers and let them tell the tales of your hard work and success.

Check out our favourite picks from the workwear diamonds collections. 

These stylish rings are bound to steal your heart instantly!

Candy Treat Diamond Rings

The Candy Treat Diamond Rings from the Pastel Collection is our answer to the Y2K trend of nostalgic jewellery. Embrace the 2000s once again with these funky 18KT white gold diamond rings. Stack them for maximum drama or take the mellow route by colour coordinating with your formal shirts. These pair great with pastel formal shirts and wide-legged pants.

Pink Pout Diamond Rings

The Pout Diamond Ring is an 18 KT rose gold diamond ring with a candy shape and sleek warp of diamonds. Wear them with your flirty frilly tops, blouses, and skirts. Take it up a notch by adopting the mixed metal trend, by stacking with other gold or silver rings.

Prism Play Diamond Rings

Inspired by the 80’s power dressing Prism Play Diamond Rings is a high polish yellow gold wide ring. It has two forked gold strands that go around the finger and overlap each other in the centre. One of them is encrusted with surface prong set diamonds on a rhodium-plated surface. Suit up with this edgy ring, cropped blazer, and a pair of your favourite wide-legged trousers. Stand confident and get a piece of the corporate power play!

Lunar Moon Diamond Rings

The Lunar Moon Diamond Rings are Dual-band finger rings with a fine satin finish. It has a solid white gold semi-circular disc set against a contrasting diamond-studded semi-circular outline. It portrays an interesting play of negative and positive spaces that is reminiscent of the waning crescent and the first quarter of the moon. Sport this ring with Indian or western formals to harness the true lunar power!

Sunshine So Fine Diamond Rings

Capture the essence of the spring blossoms with the Sunshine So Fine Diamond Rings from the Sunny Collection. Inspired by the season’s blooms, this high polish yellow gold ring has multiple sunflower motifs encrusted with diamonds in a pave setting with a rhodium-plated finish.  A head turner, by all means, you can pair this ring with bright, cheerful-hued work wear. Hide away the Monday blues under the brilliance of the summer shine!

Adulting can get a little rough sometimes, so don’t forget to pamper yourself as you chase your goals. Every win, small or big, is worth the celebration! 

We march on everyday shattering glass ceilings and stereotypes, keeping our heads high and our thoughts bright. 

We are no longer Rapunzels trapped in the mighty tower awaiting a saviour. We build our own destiny, make our own homes and protect our loved ones.

And we buy our own diamonds too! 

That’s right, We don’t need to wait for a proposal to flaunt a diamond ring!

Add a milestone to your journey with our global trend-inspired diamond rings. They are a grand addition to your work-wear jewellery.

Whether you want to buy one for yourself or spread some #GirlLove, it is yours for taking at Melorra! Shop from our range of diamond rings!

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